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Top 5 Fashion Brands on Facebook in India

Social Media and Fashion share a very uncanny bond. Every now and then, the trends and intricacies of social media changes. The fashion industry also faces a similar trend. Unsurprisingly, they share a very symbiotic relationship. In fact, Fashion labels…

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5 Operators for Advanced LinkedIn Search

You are going to need a deep understanding of the 5 operators for advanced LinkedIn search if you’re looking for people to connect with, potential prospects to pitch your product or service to, or for new career opportunities. So, are…

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Prequate Brochure Design Showcase

Prequate is a management consulting firm based out of Bangalore. It was founded in 2010 by Pradyumna Nag, an Indian Institute of Foreign Trade alumini. Mapplinks designed the corporate brochure for them. The brochure focuses on their expertise, work and about their…

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Prequate Website Design Showcase

Prequate is a management consulting firm based out of Bangalore. Prequate was founded in 2010 by Pradyumna Nag, an IIFT alumini. Mapplinks was approched to designed the corporate website for them. The website focuses on their expertise, work, about their…

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Giovanni Boutique Furniture Website Design Showcase

Giovanni is an elite furnishing brand excelling at creating tailor-made furniture with unprecedented precision and we were approached by them to create a website that would meet up to Giovanni’s name. To bring out the richness of the website, real...
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LinkedIn Marketing Essentials For Your Company Pages

LinkedIn is the most widespread professional network which not only showcases your personal brand but LinkedIn marketing also helps companies develop their branding, engage with their followers, and generate new leads for their product or service. In this post, we…

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LinkedIn Marketing Essentials For Your Personal Profile

LinkedIn is without doubt the largest business network in the world of Social Media. It is increasingly being used as a platform for not just professional networking but also as a means of projecting your personal brand. Today, just a…

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Famous Social Media Channels in Different Countries [Infographic]

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. You can like it, you can hate it but you surely can’t ignore it. According to GlobalWebIndex, who have been tracking the numbers of hours people spend…

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