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Mapplinks Achievements Infographic

We made a telling progress and had a great year with our clients, partners, and learners. Here’s an interesting infographic on what we have achieved till now.

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Minimum Viable SEO 2018 for Entrepreneurs & Marketers

Time to go LEAN! In this post, we will learn ‘Minimum Viable SEO’ and how you can optimize your website and content without a dedicated SEO team. There are a lot of things we can learn from entrepreneurs but the…

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Ultimate 2018 SEO Checklist: 30 Steps Before You Hit Publish

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Medium. Ready to hit ‘publish’? Think again. Now that you’ve created amazing, unique content. It’s time for you to make sure it gets the love it deserves. Remember: Your content won’t get…

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[SEO 2018] 6 Offbeat Channels for Keyword Research

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Medium. Let’s start with a fun fact: Only 20% of the targeting fills 80% of the marketing funnel. The rest 80% of the time, marketers target keywords and phrases which the users never…

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Growth Hacking Tools Don’t Exist

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Medium. There are no growth hacking tools. There are tools which can be used in growth hacking. Once you have a growth hack, you will try to speed up one or more…

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Growth Hackers

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Quora. Ready? Here are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Growth Hackers “A Single Brainwave Does Not a Hacker Make.” – Mapplinks Academy There are days when everyone of us has an amazing idea…

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SEO Experts Share Their Insights for 2018[Infographic]

Google’s quest is to show results in the best interest of the searcher – Faster, better, relevant, and useful. And that should be your quest too! However, Google wouldn’t just find out you’re creating amazing content which is the best…

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Methods for SEO 2018 -featured-image

SEO Methods for 2018 [Infographic]

Are you ready to 10x your organic website traffic? Understanding SEO and changes in SEO is crucial to multiplying your traffic. As per Hubspot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. A lot of ways in which…

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SEO 2018: How to Use ‘Google My Business’ Listing to 10x Local Search Traffic Organically

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Medium You can use this method to boost your organic visibility, organic traffic, and inbound enquiries — even if you’re not a local business! In this post, I’ll show the exact step-by-step method I used to…

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