22 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022


The digital ecosystem is undergoing a huge transformation with a lot of new tech coming at us at the same time.

Here are 22 digital marketing strategies we’ve specifically brainstormed and planned based on past experience, data, research, and expert predictions from within Mapplinks and our partners the industry for 2022 and beyond.

22 Digital Marketing Strategies

  • 1 Focus on high value content
  • 2 Fire your SEO specialists – Don’t chase the algorithm
  • 3 Implement AI in SEO
  • 4 Don’t rely on click funnels
  • 5 Go broader on conversion ads
  • 6 Switch to On-platform FB ads – Use on-platform ads data to create retargeting lists
  • 7 Reduce dependancy on third-party data – Acquire more zero-party data
  • 8 Get innovative with email marketing – Forget about open rates
  • 9 Use personalisation in emails
  • 10 Use AI to implement email flows and have longer email flows
  • 11 Create all forms of video – live, short form and long form
  • 12 Get on live shopping
  • 13 Start your podcast or get on other people’s podcast
  • 14 Share more insightful content on LinkedIn – Stop posting polls on LinkedIn for everything
  • 15 Ditch automated LinkedIn pods and get rid of bot comments
  • 16 Expand your influencer database
  • 17 Convert influencers to ambassadors
  • 18 Run whitelisting campaigns with influencers
  • 19 Leverage word of mouth – advocates, affiliates, influencers, ambassadors
  • 20 Learn about web 3.0 – Run web 3.0 marketing experiments
  • 21 Experiment with new ad formats channels
  • 22 Focus on channel diversification as well as building an omni-channel presence

To learn more about each strategy in detail, watch the full video below:

All the best for your digital marketing campaigns in 2022!

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