TikTok ads for eCommerce: 3 effective tips to get started


Are you considering including TikTok in your Marketing Strategy? To let you make an easier decision we bring to you some great tips and hacks to start the journey with TikTok ads for eCommerce businesses. According to Hubspot, since 2020 TikTok has become a go-to advertising platform for many brands. The number of ads also grew to 37% in 2021 from 19% in 2020, making TikTok advertising a more desirable advertising platform for eCommerce businesses.

As an eCommerce business, you may already be actively running ads on Facebook, finding your audience, promoting campaigns, driving conversions, testing different creative formats, etc., 

When you are trying to make your way through TikTok advertising, you may be trying to apply similar methods expecting similar results, leaving yourselves lost and confused.

We bring to you 3 simple yet effective tips to help you kick start TikTok ads for ecommerce.

These are the tips to consider before getting started with TikTok advertising for eCommerce

1. TikTok ads are all about content

90% of the success of your TikTok ads is dependent on your content and 10% accounts for all the hacks and tips and tricks you implement.

  • Catch the right content: The content shown by the algorithm on your feed is the content you should consider creating and following.
  • Look out for trending content: Check what’s trending constantly. eg: Trending sound, edit, format, etc.,
  • Trends change almost instantaneously: Trending content may last only for a shorter time period, so spending a considerable amount of time discovering and following trends is crucial.

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2. Creative refreshing is the key

There is a lot less creative refreshing needed on Google ads, compared to Facebook ads. Whereas TikTok ads need to be refreshed the most and launch new creatives if you want to avoid TikTok from stopping to spend on your creatives. Here are some key differences between TikTok ads for eCommerce compared to other advertising platforms:

  • The order of ads needing the least to the most creative refreshing is Google< Facebook< Tiktok
  • Facebook is about finding winning creatives, whereas on TikTok it is about finding trending creatives
  • Ads can run for a considerable amount of time on Facebook once you have found your audience whereas on TikTok you will need to refresh to match the trend on a constant basis.

3. Measure your Conversion rate

It would not be ideal to compare the conversions you receive on Facebook with those of TikTok ads, the conversion rate may be a lot lesser because of several reasons. Facebook has a database of buyers from similar businesses which could lead those conversion campaigns to better conversions, which is not a possible option on TikTok. 

  • You pay a considerably lesser amount on TikTok. Performance metrics like CPM, CPC, etc., are low on TikTok
  • You are able to drive a lot more traffic to your website at a low cost
  • It may take more traffic on your website to drive conversions

A few points to keep in mind:

  • Get your content consistent to start with. Posting on TikTok on a regular basis helps catch the trend.
  • Discover a process to keep your content trending by constantly refreshing your creatives to keep up with the trend.
  • Measure your conversions on TikTok and other channels. Use UTM data on Google Analytics or any other platform to compare purchases on TikTok v/s other advertising platforms to help you budget better.

Effective TikTok ads for ecommerce stores use trending content, and result in much lower spending, overall helping you drive better conversions. They help not only by reaching a sizable audience but also by keeping you up to date with the trend your audience is engaging with, paving the way to tap into the desired market.

With TikTok advertising, you may not be able to drive similar results as compared to Facebook or Google, but surely an audience you must consider expanding your market, especially if you an eCommerce business.

Here is a full video showcasing 3 most simple and effective tips to get eCommerce businesses started with the TikTok advertising journey: