Case Study: $500,000+ in Revenue with 11x ROI with Ecommerce SMS Marketing (Using Emotive)


We drove $500,000+ in revenue for our e-commerce client with a 11.59x ROI with ecommerce SMS marketing.

ecommerce SMS marketing
Ecommerce SMS Marketing results

In this article, we will share how we did it.


We work with ecommerce clients and help them improve their revenue and ROI from digital marketing channels.

Our focus is on retention marketing using channels such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Push Notification
  • Messenger Marketing

For this particular client, they were using Klaviyo for email marketing.

We suggested SMS marketing and aded Emotive to their marketing mix.

We’ve already been running SMS marketing campaigns for them over the past 18 months and we’ve been able to generate $500,000 from the SMS campaigns and automations.

Our tool for ecommerce SMS marketing: Emotive

We use Emotive for SMS marketing as it’s specialised for this purpose.

We’re both a Klaviyo partner as well as Emotive partner but we prefer to use Klaviyo for email and Emotive for ecommerce SMS marketing.

Our Strategy

Emotive allows for both SMS automations and campaigns.

Automations on Emotive are called Experiences and campaigns on Emotive are called Broadcasts.

Strategy for SMS Broadcasts

Frequency – We send 1-2 broadcasts per week

Timing – Weekends were the best days for us to send broadcasts but Wednesdays also did well. We found the first half of the day works better when it comes to the time to send the broadcasts.

Attachments – We found SMS campaigns with images (MMS campaigns) always performed better. We add a GIF to each broadcast we send.

Length – We found shorter messages outperformed longer ones.

Clarity – We either start or close with our brand name and a real person name from our brand.

Action – We always use a a clear call to action such as “Click/tap to shop: LINK” or “Click/tap to learn more: LINK”

Offers – Broadcasts with offers outperformed generic broadcasts. Make sure you segment your SMS list to send the offers to people who more likely to respond to the deals and campaigns.

Strategy for SMS Experiences

For Experiences, we suggest using some of the basic templates that Emotive provides and then do a lot of A/B testing to find what works best for you.

experiences on emotive

We also integrated SMS experiences on Emotive with the Email flows on Klaviyo to use the best of both tools and make sure the user journey has no overlap.

In fact, we found SMS to be a great complimenting channel to Email.

We were able to set conditions to trigger SMS in case a person ignores an abandoned email flow, and so on.

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Segmentation Strategy

Speaking about Klaviyo and Emotive Integration, you can also use Klaviyo list segments and find them on Emotive.

Apart from that, we setup custom segments on Emotive based on the customer profiles.

There are quite a few basic and advanced rules you can setup on Emotive. You can also use a combination of rules using Boolean operations like OR and AND to match multiple conditions.

segmentation on emotive

Top Performing Broadcasts and Experiences

We created special broadcasts on big sale and deal days. They performed the best.

There were also some surprises as Mother’s Day was our best performing broadcast.

Top broadcasts and experiences

In terms of the Experiences, the signup flow or the welcome flow was our top performer with more than $250,000 of the revenue coming from that single flow!

If you’d like help to setup your SMS experiences and broadcasts, you can connect with us at

We’re a certified ecommerce retention marketing agency and we’re both Klaviyo and Emotive partners.

If you are already working on SMS marketing, you might be eligible for a free audit by our team of email and SMS marketing experts. Feel free to get in touch to learn more.