Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


E-commerce marketing changes all the time. As business owners, it’s important to catch up with the changes and even stay ahead of the curve in order to get better results more efficiently. In this article, we will look at Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners.

I’ve often said channels where most marketers move their attention to become saturated. It becomes harder to get results doing what every one else is doing.

Adding an edge by exploring offbeat channels, new marketing experiments, or even just staying slightly ahead of the curve helps marketers get more out of their time and effort.

Here are some trends for eCommerce marketing and strategies that we’ve observed at Mapplinks working with various ecommerce businesses.

Let’s begin!

1. Diversify your acquisition channels

Most small brands and new e-commerce stores depend on a single channel of acquisition heavily.

This becomes a barrier to growth, rather than a channel for growth when acquisition prices change steeply – just like what happened with Facebook Ads during 2020.

While most marketers still continue building their ecommerce marketing funnels with Facebook ads, it’s a great idea to diversify, add new channels, and think beyond the most common Facebook and Google ad networks.

I usually suggest clients always keep 10% of their total ad budget just to experiment with new channels.

And this should be done all the time!

2. Scale your influencer marketing

While it’s often more obvious to scale ads, it’s important to focus on scaling high margin and brand-oriented channels like influencers and email too.

While email marketing scales as the business acquires more users, influencer marketing needs special attention to scale.

Two ways to do this:

First, use an influencer marketing platform or large influencer lists to expand your outreach

Second, convert high-performing influencers to affiliates.

This helps you create a database of brand ambassadors over time and leverage them whenever you have new offers and campaigns to promote.

It also helps other influencers know you are actively engaging with influencers and your brand will start getting incoming collaboration messages once you have the influencer-to-affiliate conversion process in place.

3. Prioritize mobile-first design and experience

For each design or marketing collateral or web UI, review mobile-first and prioritize mobile-first.

For most businesses we work with at Mapplinks, a majority of the traffic comes from mobile users and that’s likely to be the case for you too.

E-commerce entrepreneurs, teams, and marketers should review all their marketing and campaigns on mobile devices first as a user.

Decision making on mobile and web differs slightly and even the conversion rate optimization methods we use for clients on different devices vary.

Once you understand your buyer’s journey on different devices, you’ll be able to make their user experience seamless with small implementations and design tests.

4. Rank your customers

Find your VIP customers, segment your customers, and rank them, treat VIP customers extra well, and make them feel extra special.

Support all your customers but create a rank-based customer-focused outreach, support strategy.

Review churn risk with tools like Klaviyo and check total revenue and number of orders with tools like Shopify.

ecommerce marketing lists

This will help you understand customers by their current and potential value.

5. Bring your focus to RETENTION

While acquisition costs are at an all-time high, it’s a great opportunity to focus on retention.

Retention is often much less expensive than Acquisition. Simple discounts, loyalty programs, and often just great customer service, product delivery on time is enough to retain customers.

Focus on improving Lifetime Customer Value by experimenting with different retention campaigns.

ecommerce marketing CLV

Always compare your cost of acquisition with your LCV. This will help you get a better perspective on the business and make the right decisions to fuel growth and branding.

Implement these tips to improve your ecommerce marketing. If you’re just starting out, this free video course on complete ecommerce marketing strategy will be a great starter!

All the best for your e-commerce store promotion.

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