How we Generated $1M+ in Revenue for an Ecommerce Brand with Email and SMS Marketing


As an ecommerce marketing agency, we help our D2C clients improve their LTV, get repeat orders, and hence boost both revenue as well as profitability. For one of our ecommerce clients, we generated an additional $1M+ in revenue using an integrated email and SMS marketing approach with done-for-you end-to-end execution.

email and sms marketing

By leveraging the power of these two retention marketing channels, we were able to develop a comprehensive strategy that delivered highly personalized and engaging content to the client’s audience.

We’ll dive into the specific tactics and tools we used to achieve such impressive results, and provide insights and recommendations for other ecommerce businesses looking to maximize their marketing impact.

The Goals

The client’s marketing goals from retention channels included:

  • A focus on increasing customer loyalty
  • Growing the number of repeat purchases
  • Driving more revenue and boosting profitability

To achieve this, our digital agency focused on building an effective email and SMS campaign strategy and execution plan.

This involved designing creative content tailored to the client’s target audience, setting up automated workflows for targeted campaigns, measuring performance metrics to track progress, and evaluating results.

By focusing on these key elements, we were able to successfully increase retention rates and drive more revenue for the client.

Results Achieved with Email and SMS Marketing

Total revenue generated for the ecommerce client:

shopify sales

Of this total revenue, we drove a total of $700,361 from Klaviyo email marketing:

klaviyo email marketing
And another $505,270 from SMS Marketing using Emotive:
emotive sms marketing

Key metrics:

  • Total revenue: $3.2M+
  • Revenue from Klaviyo Email Marketing: $700k+
  • Revenue from Emotive SMS Marketing: $500k+
  • Revenue from Email+SMS Marketing: $1.2M+
  • Email+SMS Revenue as % of total revenue: 37.5%
  • Time Period: 1 year

Overall, we were able to drive 37.5% in additional revenue from the ecommerce retention marketing channels (email and SMS marketing) for the client.

This lead to increased profitability too as this revenue came from the client’s email and SMS lists.

Email and SMS Marketing Strategy

We followed a 4-step process for the client:

  • Step 1: Develop a tailored strategy for email and SMS campaigns
  • Step 2: Design creative content for email and SMS campaigns
  • Step 3: Set up automated workflows for targeted campaigns
  • Step 4: Monitor performance metrics to track progress

The main components of the email and SMS marketing strategy we followed include:

Opt-ins & List Building

We implemented several tactics such as creating enticing lead magnets, developing landing pages with clear calls-to-action, and optimising our client’s website to capture email addresses.

emotive analytics
SMS optins using Emotive


We segmented their email list based on subscriber behavior, demographics, and interests.

klaviyo segmentation
Hyper-Engaged Segment on Klaviyo

Copywriting & Design

We created visually appealing and engaging email designs and SMS GIFs (MMSs) that were optimized for mobile and desktop devices.

Email & SMS Automation (Flows & Experiences)

We implemented automated email workflows that allowed us to send targeted emails based on subscriber behavior and triggers.

klaviyo flows
Klaviyo metrics for email flows

A/B Testing

We continuously tested different email components such as subject lines, email copy, and calls-to-action to optimize our client’s email campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.

Reporting and Analytics

We monitored the performance of our client’s email campaigns through Klaviyo’s reporting and analytics tools as well as their SMS Marketing insights with Emotive.

emotive analytics report
11.59X ROI from SMS Marketing


Through a combination of effective strategies, creative content, and automated workflows, our digital agency was able to help the client successfully increase their customer loyalty and retention rate.

This has ultimately resulted in more revenue for the client as well as increased profitability as we were able to recover 37.5% of additional revenue with email and SMS marketing and generating $1M+ in additional revenue.

Our team worked closely with the client to develop a tailored strategy that aligned with their business goals and needs.

We focused on list building, segmentation, message design, automation, A/B testing, and analytics, to deliver campaigns that resonated with the client’s audience and drove sales growth.

Through our regular reporting and collaboration with the client, we were able to provide actionable insights and recommendations for future campaigns, helping them achieve even greater success in their marketing efforts.

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