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25 Elements In Your Brandbook that Makes Sure your Brand Stands Out

So now you know why you need a brandbook right? No, then you must have missed to read 20 reasons why your brand needs the brandbook now! Anyhow brandbook being the reflection of your company’s vision, values, culture and identity...
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How Can Your Brand Book Help You With Positive Brandwashing

  Brand Books are becoming cooler and trendier with new designing concepts and graphic templates. But what truly sets the piece apart is the way the brand identity is pushed to the top without making it looking an obvious platform...
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60 Days at Mapplinks- An Intern’s Diary

The fun, bubbly, soft spoken Rishika, was an intern with us for two months as a Graphic Designer. She came all the way from Thekkady to Bangalore to pursue her design education and did a great job while she was...
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20 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Brand Book Right Now

Have you been amazed at times on how different some brands look when they are viewed on different platforms. The writing style is different, the color usage is different. Do you know the reason behind it? Cause there is no...
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mEdge Logo Design Showcase

Connect – Optimize – Grow, mEdge connects your field operations to office operations with real time access to information and information. It optimizes your decision making with coordinated field teams and improved first visit resolution. It helps you grow your…

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Mubble “Apps Eating Data” Social Media Campaign Showcase

Mubble is a “Made in India” app, built with an objective to empower mobile users in India with right mobile usage insights. Their main objective is to achieve digital inclusion by making information and services easily accessible to masses. We...
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Top 5 Fashion Brands on Facebook in India

Social Media and Fashion share a very uncanny bond. Every now and then, the trends and intricacies of social media changes. The fashion industry also faces a similar trend. Unsurprisingly, they share a very symbiotic relationship. In fact, Fashion labels…

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5 Operators for Advanced LinkedIn Search

You are going to need a deep understanding of the 5 operators for advanced LinkedIn search if you’re looking for people to connect with, potential prospects to pitch your product or service to, or for new career opportunities. So, are…

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