B2B Marketing Hack: 100+ B2B decision-makers in 30 days on a ZERO budget


I scheduled one-on-one calls with 100+ B2B decision marketing within 30 days without a paid budget. In this post, I will share the exact B2B marketing hack I used.

I executed this hack for one of my clients, which is a services company.

This was a B2B marketing requirement and the OMTM was to set up meetings with decision-makers of product companies as a consulting project.

Note that I’m not a sales consultant – I’m a growth marketing consultant. Even though this is a job traditionally a sales team would do, my client wanted to find alternative ways to bring down their costs and if possible, automate some part of the process.

Enter growth marketing and me.

But first, let’s talk about my client.

The B2B Client

Company type: Services business

Audience: Target decision-makers of product companies and schedule meetings with them

The Goal (OMTM): Confirmed meetings with decision-makers

Sales goal: Close 5 new projects for their service offerings in the given sales period

Outcome: 20 new projects in 30 days: We Achieved 4x of the Goal with the growth marketing hack I’m going to show you right now.

We had a closure rate of around 20% because the leads were extremely qualified and I got them meetings directly with the B2B decision-makers.

The B2B Marketing step-by-step hack

STEP 1: Create growth personas for the client’s target audience.

STEP 2: I scraped 750 product+ companies that matched the persona along with their product demo URL. I didn’t even try to find the email IDs of the decision-makers! And you’ll know very soon why I didn’t.

STEP 3: I wrote a script to automate the process to sign-up for the product demos of all the 750 product companies.

STEP 4: Guess what next? I just needed to wait and watch. Read on…

Fun fact: 60% of the demos I signed up for putting me in their email drip campaigns.

Fun fact 2: 40% of those campaign emails came from the decision maker’s email ID.

LEVERAGE: I knew most product companies were using drip campaigns as their marketing strategy – this was the opportunity to be leveraged in order for this growth hack to be a success.

Other companies’ drips as my lead funnel

So now that we have a name for this growth marketing method, let’s continue with the next steps. It’s going to get even more fun now!

STEP 5: I started engaging with the emails in their drip automation. Almost always, in the 2nd or 3rd mail of their drip sequence, most of the decision-makers asked me for feedback on their product.

Now you see what happens when we’re all copying our emails from really good emails! This was the time to pull the trigger: This is when I would reply by asking for a quick call with them.

STEP 6: Next, I strategically provided the decision-makers with feedback on the product specifically around the areas where my client can help with their services.

This call, set up by the decision-makers, then became my opportunity to pitch them my client’s services.

Yes, it’s that simple!

You make the target audience book a call with you and use it as the pitch for your services.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s all about leveraging opportunities.

But remember…

Bad services or products cannot yield these conversion rates even with the best hacks.

Here’s a screenshot of data (slightly modified to respect client’s privacy):

b2b marketing hack growth funnel
B2B marketing growth hacking funnel

You can understand how the funnel looked like in the above image. The better targeted your list is, and the more valuable the service you’re providing is, the better your conversion rates will be.

Case Study Conclusion

Every growth marketer must see the hidden opportunity that marketers don’t and leverage the opportunity to meet their growth metrics.

The hidden opportunity, in this case, was the email drips and email automation that a lot of SaaS companies and Product companies use.

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