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5 Social Media Sins That Small Business Owners Should Avoid

The trend in digital marketing is all about engaging audience on social media. What started as an offshoot of regular personalised networking is now a heavy-weight marketing strategy. However, majority of the small companies have a hard time negotiating the...
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20 Metrics all Entrepreneurs must Measure from their Social Media Marketing

So many tools, so many metrics, but which are the right ones for a startup? As an entrepreneur, it is impossible to evade the need for social media marketing in the modern day business environment. Running a digital marketing company...
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What we can Learn from War About Startup Growth Hacking [Infographic]

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.” – The Art of War Within the startup business environment, these words can be applied to competitors and target audience. The word enemy is...
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DailyLife – Brand Semiotics Design

About the Client DailyLife is a brand new app from PBP Internet services who have apps like Dgital Life in their portfolio. Primarily Targeted towards the age 30+ demographics PBP Internet Service develops apps for which are easy to learn…

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Guide to Using Infographics in your Social Media Marketing

If there’s one thing about social media users every marketer agrees upon, it is that they have really small attention spans. It is a test of every brand’s content strategy to come up with sharable content that can make users...
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How can your Brand Book help you with Positive Brand Washing [Infographic]

Brand Books are becoming cooler and trendier with new designing concepts and graphic templates. But what truly sets the piece apart is the way the brand identity is pushed to the top without making it looking an obvious platform to...
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Mapplinks Featured in “Top 25 Most Promising Digital Marketing Consultants 2016”

This has been a big week for Mapplinks. We had a couple of big project handoffs. The Branding project for DailyLife is polished and handed off to a very happy client. We successfully completed a challenging but fulfilling web development...
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Ultimate Guide to Brand Colors for Your Company Branding

Shapes, symbols, numbers, words are some of the primary elements that the  define the personality of your brand! But what is remembered the most ( to be precise, brings in 80% of the brand recognition) is the color that you...
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Build the Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy with Infographics

Stir the storm in your coffee mug. That’s what infographics are all about. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. Clearly, content marketing strategy based on visualization makes a huge difference in creating and...
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