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Mapplinks Designs a New ‘native’ Look for Nativebag

Nativebag is an e-commerce market place registered in Bangalore, India. It is started with the sole purpose of supplying best quality Indian native products such as rare artifacts, paintings, ethnic wear, homemade items, organic, natural, and herbal products at fair…

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Mapplinks Announces Collaboration With Awake Media

Mapplinks has partnered with Awake Media, a creative coalition in San Diego, California, to offer digital media services for the so-called counterculture — non-profits, small businesses, authors, artists, social, political & environmental activists, and spiritual movements. Our goal is to…

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Fitmast’s Brand Identity Created by Mapplinks

Fitmast is a platform where fitness enthusiasts get to share their fitness journey and connect with each other. Fitness enthusiasts can seek the advice from relevant Fitness Experts on fitness and lifestyle and will also cater for disabled people and…

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Kallucoppa Coffee gets a New Web Design by Mapplinks

Kallucoppa is a speciality food brand that is owned directly by coffee growers from Coorg and their team proudly tends to the coffee from the time the plants are tiny saplings right up to the time where they carefully roast…

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FlippAR’s Growth Hacking Success Campaign by Mapplinks

About the brand FlippAR is an augmented reality app that helps companies provide better customer experience with customer service + technology integration. There has been a radical shift in the way customers access information and make purchase decisions. It is…

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An Important Update to the AARRR Pirate Funnel for Startup Growth

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Medium. The AARRR funnel worked really well. Until it didn’t. Yes, We’ve moved from the Pirate funnel to a new framework while running growth campaigns for our portfolio startups and clients. Before we…

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Debby: So there’s this term that you keep using everywhere. I listen to it like, hundred times a day – doubt to default. RD: Ok, I was thinking something else. Debby: Ok *both laughs* Debby: Bring the elephant out in…

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Things All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Niccolo Machiavelli

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on iamwire. Few people in entire human history enjoy a reputation as strong as Niccolo Machiavelli. So much so, that his name is now an adjective in common parlance, often spoken in a…

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