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10 Most Common Grammar Mistakes You Should Stop Making NOW!

Irrespective of our profession, we constantly find ourselves drafting reports, sending emails, and creating some content or the other. CEO, MD, or trainee – words, sentences, punctuations, and grammar hound all of us without distinguishing our designations and it’s quite…

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5 Indian Real Estate Brands on Facebook with the Highest Followers

Indiaproperty About Indiaproperty: It is a portal to search for property in India. The official website is http://www.indiaproperty.com/ Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/indiapropertydotcom Number of Fans – 260,803 Fans from India 251880 % fans from India 96.5% Post engagement compared to number…

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Top 7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

With your business website hosted on WordPress, you’re all set to go! Or are you? Well, the essential components at the back end of your business website are some good plugins which will make your job of handling and managing…

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[Infographic] 10 Interesting Facts about WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems across the globe. It is used by both individuals and businesses due to the ease of use and the various features that are available. You can also customize your website…

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7 Essential Elements of a Business Website

A website is an essential component for a business. Since the website plays a very important role in the running of your business, it is essential to create a website which draws people to your business as well. A business…

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8 Instagram Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

Instagram is clearly becoming popular as one of the social media platforms being used by businesses to promote their brands. Yet there are a few brands and businesses either not making use of Instagram’s full potential to promote their business…

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5 Examples of Interesting Color Schemes for Website Designs

The color scheme used while designing a website plays an important role in ensuring the viewer or the end user likes the website. Different color schemes can be used for different websites depending on the industry the website represents. The…

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3 Ways By Which Buyer Personas Shorten Your Sales Cycle

When doing sales, the most important aspect to be kept in mind is your customer. You close a deal through people, and essentially, you’re closing the customer and not just the deal. It is essential to understand your customer’s personality…

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Consumer Relationships & Loyalty in Social Media | Knowledge at #SMWBangalore

About the speaker – Shyam Nair He is the Co-Founder at Route-01, which is a specialized Online Brand Management Consultancy with a client base in Bangalore and Dubai. Before starting his own venture he worked as Director – Planning and Creative…

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