Minimum Viable Testing


The most you test, the more success you will discover.

I always say “you’re always one test away from a great experiment.”

The key is to test more, cheap and fast.

It’s important to be able to save more of your resources for when you find what really works. So it’s ideal to test quickly while spending fewer resources.

This is what we call “minimum viable testing”.

What is minimum viable testing?

minimum viable testing

Minimum = Tests that don’t matter

Viable = Tests you can’t conduct due to budget or time constraints

To find the overlap between Minimum + Viable = Tests that matter and can be done cheap and fast.

These are tests that can take you from A to B and ensure consistent growth.

How to Identify / Define a Minimum Viable Test

Some characteristics of Minimum Viable Tests are:

  1. They usually leverage another channel’s algorithm
  2. They can usually be done using creative organic campaigns or small budget ads
  3. They can usually be done within a week’s time
  4. They work great on offbeat channels
  5. They leverage algorithms of popular channels

In terms of tools, anything from a simple Facebook ad, to a landing page split test, to shop tests – all of them can be deployed to minimum viable testing.

The key idea is to think creatively and leverage other channels and platforms, or their algorithms, to get quick and cheap results for your experiments.