3 Ways to Use Growth Hacking to Test New Products


Digital channels are lean, fast, and metric-driven.

These make them great channels for testing products with the audience quickly, without spending a lot.

Here are 3 approaches to test products using low-cost, time-efficient ads on digital channels:

1. Reach Optimization (Best for: Product Ideation Stage)

This method uses the ad channel algorithm to test which creative will work best with the business persona. 

The creative can then be used to check for various aspects of the product – even before product development.

What to test:

  • Audience assumptions
  • Product benefits
  • Product value propositions
  • Product packaging

2. Link Optimization (Best for: Product Design and Development Stage)

This method uses a landing page and a survey to get more information from the audience and see what they think about the product concept presented to them through the creatives and landing page.

What to test:

  • Product name
  • Product sizes and serving
  • Product pricing and plans
  • Product branding and tagline

3. Conversion Optimization (Best for: Product pre-launch and launch stage)

In this method, we are looking for actual pre-orders (for products to be launched), add to carts, and purchases to measure what variant or pricing of a product works best.

What to test:

  • Product pricing
  • Product variants
  • Product packaging variants
  • Product size variants

All the best with your product testing! 🙂