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lovecycles-live tweeting

LoveCycles Launch – My First Live Tweeting Event

LIVE TWEETING!New to this word? Yes, even I was. I had never done this before and did not know how it actually worked! The only thing worrying me was how quick I needed to be since it said ‘Live’. Was…

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‘Know Your Notes’ Contest Campaign on Social Media for Money View

We have had the privilege handling digital marketing for numerous high growth and robust startups that are working on game changing products and services. One such startup is MoneyView, which is an app that lets you manage your finances and…

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[Infographic] 18 Twitter Shortcuts You Will Be Thankful For

Millions of people around the globe use Twitter to talk, connect, share, express, discuss, and sometimes even flaunt. The younger generation obsesses over it and the older one struggles to wrap its head around this obsession! Twitter has opened a…

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Google Might Index Tweets in Real Time

Google has decided to change how tweets are indexed on the search engine, hinting at introducing real-time indexing of tweets. Coming to how Google plans to index tweets and how the tweets to be indexed are chosen, is not very…

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8 Ways You Can Use Twitter Cover Image to Promote Your Business

The Twitter cover image can be used in numerous ways as per your needs and requirements. And one of the ways to use the cover image is to promote your business. This works well since most people are attracted towards…

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Twitter tests the new “Instant Timeline”

You no longer have to sit and check or uncheck the interest categories on Twitter, for a new feature is being rolled out, the ‘Instant Timelines’. The Instant Timeline feature is for now being tested on a select number of…

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Twitter Trends in India 2014

With more than 33 million Twitter users in India, it is the 3rd most followed social media platform in India after Facebook and Google+. Indians have shifted their focus towards Twitter to mark victory, show anger, congratulate people on their…

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Twitter tests the Buy button!

Twitter, in the latest phase of building more functionality has come up with a test phase of the ‘Buy’ button which will, at present let a small percentage of US users buy products on Twitter. The number of users who…

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When and when not to use hashtags

With the rising popularity of Twitter, there is an increasing use of hashtags by Twitter users. Just like any other form of communication, even on Twitter, there is some Twitter etiquette that has to be followed, especially, with regard to…

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