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5 Social Media Sins That Small Business Owners Should Avoid

The trend in digital marketing is all about engaging audience on social media. What started as an offshoot of regular personalised networking is now a heavy-weight marketing strategy. However, majority of the small companies have a hard time negotiating the...
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20 Metrics all Entrepreneurs must Measure from their Social Media Marketing

So many tools, so many metrics, but which are the right ones for a startup? As an entrepreneur, it is impossible to evade the need for social media marketing in the modern day business environment. Running a digital marketing company...
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10 Snapchat Marketing Tips for F&B Brands [Infographic]

In the recent years, Snapchat has been able to attain humongous popularity among the masses and evolved a lot since its inception. With the increasing user base Snapchat has started attracting digital marketers who are in constant search of unconventional channels to...
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8 Instagram Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

Instagram is clearly becoming popular as one of the social media platforms being used by businesses to promote their brands. Yet there are a few brands and businesses either not making use of Instagram’s full potential to promote their business…

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[EBOOK] Why You Need Social Media for Your Business

Often, businesses with no social media presence wonder if the presence on various social media platforms really makes a difference to their business. This is an answer best answered with detailed information on what you, as a business, can achieve…

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