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Instagram Stories—Photo Blogging for Candid Unadulterated Engagement

In a bid to capture more out of users’ personal photos and videos, Instagram took a bold decision to expand its feature by introducing Instagram Stories—a photo blogging platform. Making news due to its innovative but uncanny semblance to Snapchat,…

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8 Essential Elements for your Instagram Marketing Strategy

This is a guest post by our MD, Rishabh Dev, originally published on Instagram is a great, but often overlooked tool by marketers. It’s amazing how only some individuals and brands have conquered it while others still try to...
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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags by Category [Infographic – Part 2]

Engagement on Instagram thrives on hashtags. In this post, we list the most popular hashtags on Instagram for the categories photography, fitness, emotions, shoutouts and more.  Here’s Instagram popular hashtags in case you missed.  

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Hashtags insta part 1

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags by Category [Infographic – Part 1]

We all have an Instagram account. C’mon who does not! Hashtags being THE THING on Instagram, businesses are using them to boost reach, increase followers and visibility of their product or service. From food to fashion, Instagram is flooded with…

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How to Plan and Run Contests on Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a social networking platform. Added to this, businesses are using Instagram to promote their brand either through contests or through posts which will engage their audience. In order to conduct a contest with a good…

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10 Ways Businesses Can Use Instagram

You thought Instagram was all about sharing your pictures with your friends and adding a few hash tags to get others noticing your pictures? Yes, when Instagram was initially launched, it was used only to share pictures to the world,…

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mother's day

See how people are celebrating Mother’s Day on social media

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” —Abraham Lincoln Sunday is Mother’s day! And it’s great to see the amazing quotes, photos, and videos being posted across social media platforms celebrating mothers…

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The World’s First Instagram Hotel

Did you know about the Instagram hotel? As it says on their website,, “Apparently.. We’re the world’s first Instagram hotel..”. Yes, The hotel offers free stay to anyone with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. But the real reason…

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Instagram grows to 200 million users – Learn how it can help your brand

When companies and internet marketers first heard about Instagram, their response was more like “I don’t think this will work for my online marketing requirements.” On April 12, 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram for close to a billion dollars, the…

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