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Facebook Organic Page Reach Here to Stay

All those wondering if the news about Facebook doing away with organic page reach completely is true, then cheer up! The good news is that, organic page reach on Facebook is here to stay, albeit reduced. The number of organic…

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What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Facebook Reviews

If you manage the Facebook page of your business, then you surely have noticed the 5 star rating system and reviews for Facebook pages that have been implemented. While you might think this is a good way of understanding where…

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Facebook introduces Safety Check

In the past, were you ever stuck amid floods, or an earthquake with family back home wondering how to contact you or how to find out if you are safe? Well, gone are those days for Facebook has recently come…

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Effect of Facebook Cover Photos on Brand Promotions

Facebook cover photos play an important role in promoting brands. Businesses which create a Facebook page use the Facebook cover photos extensively to promote their brands and the products. These Facebook cover photos are open to Public by default. So,…

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Now like and comment as page without switching profiles on Facebook

Tired of navigating through the “Use Facebook as” option every time you want to comment as a page? You no longer need to switch from your personal profile with the recent change Facebook has made to news feed and to…

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5 ways to increase organic likes on your Facebook page

Most Facebook page administrators will agree on one point – it is extremely difficult to get organic likes on your page and it takes quite a bit of effort and time to get a good number of organic likes on…

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Facebook to see fewer “Click-Baiting” posts

Facebook is rolling out two new improvements to the News Feed to help people find posts that they deem relevant, more easily. While the first update would be to lessen the number of click-baiting headlines, the second one is to…

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like gate

No more “Like Gates” on Facebook!

Have you seen the, rather irritating, “like to enter” contests and promotions on Facebook pages? Brands use these gateways called “like gates” primarily to increase their page like counters more than anything else. A like gate pretty much forces people…

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Job Hunt Using Social Media

The strategic scrolling through your favorite social media account can save you a lot of trouble in finding a job. Social Network sites can be frivolous, but, they can also help you a lot in your professional life. Digging deep…

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