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Build the Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy with Infographics

Stir the storm in your coffee mug. That’s what infographics are all about. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. Clearly, content marketing strategy based on visualization makes a huge difference in creating and...
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10 Powerful Growth Hacks to Boost Your Content Marketing

This is a guest post by our MD, Rishabh Dev, originally published on medium. The world is getting smaller. Email, social networks, blogs, videos, search, and other media have brought us closer to each other. Everything and everyone is connected....
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Speaker at Social Media Week Bangalore

Making Content ‘Snack able’! |Knowledge at #SMWBangalore

About the Speaker: Asif Upadhye is CFO (Chief Fun Officer) at Never Grow Up and director at Yellow Seed. Since 2010, he has lead the role of Chief Fun Officer [CFO] at Never Grow Up, an employee engagement firm that…

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7 Steps that Will Make Your Audience Get Hooked to Your Content

Content marketing is all about creating content that will connect your audience and help build relationships. A lot of effort and time goes into creating content that will resonate with your audience and help strengthen your connection with your audience….

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Storytelling for Strengthening Your Marketing Impact

While marketing a business, the fact that content marketing plays an important role is something most marketers are aware of. In fact, 2014 was even labelled the Year of the Story. Almost every marketing campaign out there has a story…

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Benchmark for Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Content marketers often find it difficult to prove if their content marketing efforts have paid off or not. The percentage of content marketers who find it tough to prove their content marketing ROI is close to 25. This is applicable…

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