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We're Hiring! Mapplinks

We’re Hiring! Business Development Executive/Manager

At Mapplinks, our focus has always been on delivering quality work that make our clients happy, work that helps them be successful by reaching out effectively to the one thing that matters most to them – People. It’s been a…

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Clients: The Good, The Bad

We’ve read, written, and spoken enough about what it takes to be a good, successful agency. But what about clients? What are the parameters to be followed to be a good client? Is there any such thing as a good…

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Go Green: The Essence Of Being As Against Doing

The best thing about being part of the ‘digital era’ is that we feel connected to the entire world, as if they were our extended family. Take for example, the recent World Environment Day celebrations. Enthusiastic activists, zealous environmentalists, and…

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Why Going Green is Good for Your Mind and Your Business

Today is the day when people world over make pro-environment resolutions, for June 5 is World Environment Day. While many aspire to stick to their resolutions and contribute their bit toward making a positive impact on the environment, not many…

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Deciding between In-house and Outsourcing Digital Marketing of your business?

When deciding whether to hire an in-house digital marketing team or outsource your business’s digital marketing needs, there are a few points to be considered. This is because quite a few differences exist between an in-house digital marketing team and…

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5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists for Business

Do you follow a large number of people on Twitter and find yourself lost in the sea of tweets posted by your followers? Then, you should be making use of the Lists feature on Twitter. Twitter Lists lets you segregate…

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How to Plan and Run Contests on Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a social networking platform. Added to this, businesses are using Instagram to promote their brand either through contests or through posts which will engage their audience. In order to conduct a contest with a good…

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5 Ways Businesses can use Pinterest

After Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is the latest marketing tool used by businesses and entrepreneurs alike. With Pinterest having an option of signing up as business, it is extremely convenient for businesses to create an online presence on…

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