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7 Unconventional Social Recruiting Channels To Find Potential Job Applicants

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on recruitloop The role of social media in our lives is widening every day. Not only are we communicating with friends, family and peers, we are using social media to locate suitable work…

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What we can learn from Italian cuisine about minimal design

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Techinasia Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perhaps the same can be said about Italian cuisine too. It has evolved through centuries,…

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The Rule Of Thirds Applied To Branding & Marketing

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on digitaldefynd Digital SLR cameras are very common these days among consumers who like to capture exceptional everyday images. Even the phone cameras are getting better. But not everyone has the technical capability to…

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Mapplinks - Make Marketing Great Again - Donald Trump 3

Make Marketing Great Again – The Strategy that Led to Donald Trump’s Unlikely Victory

So, it happened. No one thought it would, but it did. Love it or hate it, Donald Trump succeeded in selling his brand to the American people and putting his name on the White House. Sooner or later, we all…

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10 New Ways to Generate Facebook Leads Without Running Ads

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Leadsquared. Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the social media beast: Facebook. If you have diligently maintained a good brand presence on Facebook, created an engaged community through campaigns and…

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What We Can Learn From Religion About Brand Storytelling

Originally published by our MD, Rishabh Dev, on Social Samosa Rishabh Dev explores how brands can learn the art of storytelling from religion and the various elements associated with it. Mankind invented religion to tell the story of the powers…

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5 Social Media Sins That Small Business Owners Should Avoid

The trend in digital marketing is all about engaging audience on social media. What started as an offshoot of regular personalised networking is now a heavy-weight marketing strategy. However, majority of the small companies have a hard time negotiating the...
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20 Metrics all Entrepreneurs must Measure from their Social Media Marketing

So many tools, so many metrics, but which are the right ones for a startup? As an entrepreneur, it is impossible to evade the need for social media marketing in the modern day business environment. Running a digital marketing company...
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