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Why GrowthGrad?

Whether you are looking to master the art of growth marketing, learn growth hacking techniques to drive business expansion, or develop entrepreneurial acumen to launch your own venture, GrowthGrad has you covered. Our expert-led courses and cutting-edge resources provide invaluable insights and hands-on training, enabling you to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape and achieve remarkable success in your professional journey.

Live Webinars

Engage in real-time discussions and learning opportunities through interactive webinars led by professionals in the field.

Growth Community

Connect with like-minded individuals, marketers, growth hackers, and entrepreneurs, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Expert-led Courses

Access top-notch training led by industry experts, empowering you with the latest skills and knowledge.

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Do you think of yourself as one of these?

Learn how to start an online business

Discover the secrets to launching a successful online business and pave your path to entrepreneurial success.


Master our proven growth hacking process

Gain mastery over our proven growth hacking process and unlock the true potential of your business’s expansion and success.

Boost your productivity with tips and hacks

Expert tips and hacks to achieve peak efficiency and maximize your potential.


Leverage AI tools to get ahead faster

Cutting-edge AI tools to accelerate your progress and gain a competitive edge in your endeavors.

Attain financial freedom and freedom of location

Achieve both financial freedom and the freedom to work from anywhere with our transformative courses and strategies.


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What do our clients say?

" One of the few No BS marketers out there. I've learnt a lot from him and his teachings have turned me into not just a growth hacker, but also a better marketer.
Gioia Serra
Social Media Manager at Is Molas Resort
" A really knowledgeable growth hacking consultant who knows his industry well. Guides you with easy, actionable growth hacking steps for your industry. Rishabh is a great trainer who simplifies complex information into small chunks of easily digestible information.
Manisha Raghunath
Anchor - Communications
" Growth Hacking is not an action. It's a mindset. Having worked closely with Rishabh for close to 6 months, his sessions influenced me in applying his concepts not just in a professional environment but in real life situations as well. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to work with the best in industry and learn growth!
Praveen Raj
IIM-C, Tech Transformation at EY
" Rishabh is one of the best, if not the best growth hacker in India. Having attended his Growth Hacking workshop in Mumbai, I have learnt a lot and would recommend him to anyone wanting to become a kick-ass growth hacker! 🙂
Aditya Sheth
Head of Growth at Agentnoon (YC W22)
" Rishabh has given me a completely new perspective towards being a T shaped marketer and the mindset required to become one. Kudos to him for his awesome work and knowledge he imparts.
Sarang Bhirad
Co-founder at Adscellent Media
" Rishabh is the best person to learn the A-Z of growth hacking. An experienced growth marketer, he has a great style of explaining growth concepts and making you deep dive into growth experiments.
Punit Mahajan
Senior Marketing Manager at Hype.Partners

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Our community is a dedicated platform for marketers, entrepreneurs, and growth enthusiasts who are interested in learning and sharing strategies, tactics, and insights to drive online growth. We focus on discussing various aspects of marketing, from social media and content marketing to SEO, email marketing, and many more.

Our community is open to anyone passionate about online marketing and business growth. Whether you are a beginner looking to gain knowledge or an experienced marketer eager to network and exchange ideas, you’ll find value in our community.

By joining our community, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including expert-led discussions, live webinars, exclusive content, case studies, and valuable tools. You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals, fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations.

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