Become A Growth Marketer In 30 Days

Learn growth marketing in 30 days with this comprehensive growth marketing course. Get ready to think like a growth marketer, and learn the skills, tools, and processes for growth.
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For 30 days, receive 1 growth marketing lesson per day that took me 10+ years to master

These 30 emails have come out of my experience of building Mapplinks a Growth Marketing Agency as well as strategies that have generated $50M+ revenue for my Clients

Rishabh Dev

Helped 30+ Businesses Generate $50M+ Revenue

Who is this 30 Days Growth Marketing Course For?

If you are any of the above, I guarantee that in the next 30 days, your perspective of digital marketing will change and you will speak/think/execute everything growth

“But Rish, why 30 days course via email?”

Well, the idea is for you to learn and start implementing. I don’t want you to binge-watch the lessons and forget everything.

In the 24-hour gap, I want you to go through the lesson, chew and digest it so that it stays with you forever.

It is a step-by-step guide to becoming a growth marketer which will be best understood while implementing/executing.


Unlock The Power Of Growth Marketing

Unlock the power of growth marketing through 30 lessons that cover everything from strategy development to implementation and optimization.

Think Like A Growth Marketer

Learn the winning mentality of top growth marketers and develop the ability to think creatively, analyze data, and make informed decisions that drive success.

Uncover Expert Processes

Learn the step-by-step process for scaling your marketing efforts, from customer acquisition to retention and referral, and creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Learn The Growth Marketing Skills

Explore the growth marketing skills: Core Skills, General Skills, and Specialist Skills. This comprehensive approach ensures you develop a well-rounded understanding of growth marketing.

Learn To Use Tools For Growth

Gain hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and platforms that will help you optimize and automate your marketing campaigns.

Here is what you will learn in the 30 life-changing days - Growth Marketing Lessons

Day 1: What is Growth Marketing? A Beginner’s guide.
Day 2: Digital Marketing vs Growth Marketing: What you need to know.
Day 3: Developing a Growth Mindset for Marketing success
Day 4: The skills you need to drive growth in any business
Day 5: Step-by-step guide to the Growth Marketing Blueprint
Day 6: Unlocking growth opportunities through research
Day 7: Generate effective growth hacking ideas
Day 8: Executing growth experiments
Day 9: Winning with A/B testing for growth
Day 10: Boosting conversions with growth marketing
Day 11: Creating high-converting landing pages for growth
Day 12: Copywriting for growth marketing
Day 13: Maximizing growth with powerful email marketing
Day 14: Driving Awareness and Acquisition with Proven Tactics
Day 15: Activating and Retaining Users for Sustainable Growth
Day 16: The Growth Marketer's Guide to Revenue and Referral
Day 17: Lean Analytics for growth
Day 18. Uncovering Insights with Google Analytics
Day 19: Competitor Research for Growth: Strategies and Tools
Day 20: Harnessing the Power of Web Scraping for Growth
Day 21: Influencer Marketing for Virality
Day 22: Lean SEO Strategies for Rapid Growth
Day 23: Growth Marketing for Agencies: Tips and Best Practices
Day 24: Growth Marketing for Ecommerce: Strategies That Work
Day 25: Growth Marketing for SaaS Startups: Winning Tactics
Day 26: Growth Marketing for Consumer Mobile Apps: Best Practices
Day 27: Designing Growth Hacking Workflows That Work
Day 28: Amplifying Growth with Other People's Networks and Audiences
Day 29: Managing Your Growth Stack: Tips and Tools
Day 30: Measuring Success as a Growth Marketer: Metrics and Goals

Here’s what students say about the course

" One of the few No BS marketers out there. I've learnt a lot from him and his teachings have turned me into not just a growth hacker, but also a better marketer.
Gioia Serra
Social Media Manager at Is Molas Resort
" A really knowledgeable growth hacking consultant who knows his industry well. Guides you with easy, actionable growth hacking steps for your industry. Rishabh is a great trainer who simplifies complex information into small chunks of easily digestible information.
Manisha Raghunath
Anchor - Communications
" Growth Hacking is not an action. It's a mindset. Having worked closely with Rishabh for close to 6 months, his sessions influenced me in applying his concepts not just in a professional environment but in real life situations as well. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to work with the best in industry and learn growth!
Praveen Raj
IIM-C, Tech Transformation at EY
" Rishabh is one of the best, if not the best growth hacker in India. Having attended his Growth Hacking workshop in Mumbai, I have learnt a lot and would recommend him to anyone wanting to become a kick-ass growth hacker! 🙂
Aditya Sheth
Head of Growth at Agentnoon (YC W22)
" Rishabh has given me a completely new perspective towards being a T shaped marketer and the mindset required to become one. Kudos to him for his awesome work and knowledge he imparts.
Sarang Bhirad
Co-founder at Adscellent Media
" Rishabh is the best person to learn the A-Z of growth hacking. An experienced growth marketer, he has a great style of explaining growth concepts and making you deep dive into growth experiments.
Punit Mahajan
Senior Marketing Manager at Hype.Partners
What Describes You The Best: (Freelancer | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer)
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