WordPress 3.9 to release on April 16

March 29, 2014

WordPress released version 3.9 beta 3 today, saying that it would be probably the last beta release and the official 3.9 release date has been set to April 16 as mentioned on WordPress’ blog.


“WordPress 3.9

Let’s make the date official

It’s April 16”

– WordPress.org Blog

Here are some of the new features of Beta 3:

  • Live widget previews
  • New theme installer
  • New UI when editing images
  • New UI while working with media in the editor
  • Option to test out audio and video playlists once uploaded
  • HTML5 caption support
  • New gallery support

We’re eagerly waiting for the final release and also helping WordPress by testing the Beta 3 to look for bugs. If you would like to join us, do read this post on WordPress’ official blog.

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