September 07, 2017

Debby: So there’s this term that you keep using everywhere. I listen to it like, hundred times a day – doubt to default.

RD: Ok, I was thinking something else.

Debby: Ok

*both laughs*

Debby: Bring the elephant out in the hall. So tell me what is it.

RD: Yeah, sure.

Debby: And what is it.

Alright so it is, let me start by saying it.  The first thing when people ask me what is growth hacking, I tell them it’s the mindset. Forget about the tools, skills and all that. So similarly for doubt to default is a philosophy.  Growth hacking is a mindset, doubt to default is a philosophy. It’s a philosophy of not just the work that I do but also my life. I will tell you guys how I mean this. We will start with the experiment. So there’s this experiment which was done where they tested the browsers that you use to test your IQ level.

Debby: Ok

RD: Alright. So which browser do you use?

Debby: I use chrome

RD:  I use chrome too so we are safe. Ah, but you knew this experiment already?

Debby: Yeah, I know. I’m just acting.  *giggles*

RD:  What browsers do you guys use? Chrome? *looks at the people working on their stations behind them*

Debby: Yes. Chrome.

RD:  So if you use Internet Explorer or Safari, you probably have lower IQ level versus if you would have been using Chrome or Firefox. Obviously, Chrome and Firefox are beautiful and much better but that’s not the point.

Debby: Yes, somebody is getting hurt there. *giggles*

RD: That’s not the point. Someone uses Internet Explorer. One of our clients uses Internet Explorer, I don’t want to name the client.  Ahm, one of the point that is. These people did not do anything great by using Chrome or Firefox, it’s just that they doubted the default browser which was given to them. Because it comes in your machine, right?

Debby: Yes.

RD: Internet Explorer or whatever comes in your machine. I actually saw this on a TED talk about this experiment.

Debby: Uh-oh.

RD: Then I started thinking about is what did we do, right? So we started growth hacking.  Because we did not really believe in the default way of doing marketing.

Debby: Correct.

RD: In the process, we found something which was faster and better and also cheaper.  If you look at Chrome it’s much faster. It’s much better if you have different inspect elements, javascript consoles and all of that. I’m sure you have it in other browsers as well, but it’s so easy to use

Debbie: Uh-oh

RD: So you find something better only when you doubt the default way of doing things.

Debby: Right.

RD: Uhm, so Oscar Wilde said once that “everything popular is wrong”.  It made a lot of sense to me because that’s what I have been doing in my life. You know marketers who start initially also do a lot of black hat stuff and they get a lot of results? But if you look at it they are also doubting the default, is that they are doing the other way. I’m not saying don’t do what is the default. I’m saying doubt it. But then do it if you like it. And you do it in your life as well.

Debby: Ok.

RD: So what are the things that are given to you by default?

For instance, your citizenship is a default. You know, doubt it! Is it the best citizenship in the world? Probably not, right?  There are better citizenships and more powerful passports that you could have, why can’t you go and get it? The languages that your family taught you and the religion that you were born with is a default, I’m not saying give it up, I’m saying doubt it.

RD: And if you think it makes sense, continue But you think it doesn’t, find a better and faster way which is growth hacking for us

Debby: True

RD: So growth hacking has come because we doubted the default of digital marketing

Debby: Ok.

RD: Ahm, marriage is probably a default in this society. So there are so many things which are the default. But you doubt it if and if you like to do it

Debby: Yes.

RD: I’m not saying eliminate the default, just doubt the default. It’s not just because it is alliteration. It’s because it makes sense when you doubt the default.

Debby: Correct.

RD: So I use that philosophy for my life and also for all the work that I do. Which is why you see that I come up with all these off beat strategies and all these off beat thought processes which ultimately leads to something that is an alternate and better approach of doing things.  That’s the whole idea of doubting everything which is given to you by default.

Debby: Ok, that was very very insightful. Long session but then…

RD: So you see, it goes all the way in your life. Ahm, once you have that in place. People think for instance, it takes a lot of money to travel. Right?

Debby: Yes.

RD: We’ve done trips together, office trips and you hardly need any.  Most of the things that give you happiness in life do not need money, Right. It’s just the default way of thinking.

Debby: Yes, the way of thinking that it would.

RD: You ask people what will you do once you sell your startup and make and exit, “ We’ll go to Thailand.”

Debby: Uh-oh.

RD: Come on man, you can just go there right now… so there are ways of doing things and people just don’t know about it

Debby: Yes.

RD: I mean, if you look at Tim Ferris’, and you know I read his book, the 4-hour work week. That’s essentially doubting the default of work hours. Deep work is again a book which is doubting the way we work now. But essentially that’s how we use to work earlier, right?

Debby: Uh-oh

RD: All these people, Sean Ellis doubted the default and came up with this term of “growth hacking”. Eric (Ries) doubted the default and came up with “lean startup” because he realized that the business models of 20 years and 10 years didn’t make sense. So all of these people live by the same philosophy. I’m just putting it out there on all the channels.

Debby: Ok, I think we had a good talk here.

RD:   It was good, it was good.

Debby: It was good, but we’ll come back.

RD:  Yeah, we’ll be back soon guys.

Debby: Till then.. (Waves Bye)

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