User engagement statistics from social media platforms

April 02, 2014

Shareaholic, a social sharing application, presented user engagement statistics for traffic coming from various social media platforms. The statistics, for the period September 2013 to February 2014, recorded 3 metrics: Average time on site, Average pages / visit, and Average bounce rate. Here are the results:


Let’s see what we can learn from the report:

  • Referral traffic coming from YouTube leads to the highest engagement.
  • Google+ and Linked might get less people to your website, but these people will be there to stay.
  • Engagement of traffic coming from Twitter and Facebook is nearly same.
  • Pinterest users bounce same as Twitter and Facebook, but they visit less pages and stay for lesser time on the website.
  • Reddit users bounce the most out of all the networks.
  • The least engaged referral traffic comes from StumbleUpon.

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