How to Use Interest Lists on Facebook

November 12, 2014

Have you always wondered how you can use the Interest Lists feature of Facebook to be updated about news from your influencers? Have you scratched your head thinking of the actual use of Interest Lists on Facebook? Then, go no further, for here you’ll find information on how you can use the Interest Lists feature on Facebook.

The Basics

Using Interest Lists, you can curate a set of pages or people you want to follow without letting it clutter your main News Feed. With friends getting married and babies being born, you might sometimes miss out on what matters for your business! With interest lists, on one click, you get all the posts related to your field of interest all in one place.

Interest lists privacy options

The best part about Interest Lists is the flexibility in terms of privacy. You can choose to share this list either publicly or with friends. Alternatively, you can make a list visible only to you. Another good feature of Facebook’s Interest Lists is you can subscribe to other’s Interest Lists.


Interest lists content

With respect to the content of these Interest Lists, you need not have to always have only brand pages on the List. You can even add influential people, or people whose posts make a positive difference to your thinking, and in turn to your business, as well on the List.

Interest lists for networking

For business owners, the best aspect of Interest Lists on Facebook, is the fact that it helps you network with people. This is true mainly when you have Interest Lists which are made viewable by public. This helps in getting people who are interested in similar areas as you, to follow your List and possibly follow you as well. This way, if you have some information that people feel is worthy of reading, then you will have a lot of people following your Interest Lists as well as your News Feed. This would gradually pave way for business opportunities if people are looking for services similar to the ones your business provides.

Interest lists for marketers

If you are a marketer looking at keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest news related to marketing, social media, etc., then you can create an Interest List with the pages, agencies, and consultants who post useful content on the same.


Interest lists for sales professionals

Sales people can use interest lists to track their prospects and clients to keep an eye of what they’re posting. They can then step in areas where their product or service can provide value to the prospects. You too can create a mini CRM within your Facebook profile!

Interest lists for social media agencies and consultants

As an agency, we create interest lists for each client with competitors, idea generation, lead generation, and so on. This helps us, and our clients, stay on top of the game!

If you are a business owner, sales person, or marketing professional looking at leveraging the power of Facebook to take your business to greater heights, feel free to connect with us and we’ll help you create and manage your interest lists, along with a bunch of other really cool tips on online marketing and social media optimization!

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