How to track conversions from Facebook Ads

September 18, 2014

There are many people out there who rely on Facebook Ads for their advertising and marketing needs but are quite in the dark about how the whole system works. They end up using the tool but remain clueless with respect to its Return on Investment(ROI). So, here’s a short explanation on how one can track conversion from these Facebook Ads. Facebook uses a Conversion Tracking Pixel to track conversions from Facebook Ads. These can then be optimized to suit various conversions. These conversion tracking pixels can be inserted into non e-commerce sites as well.

track-conversion-facebook-ads-different kind-of-advert

A conversion is nothing but the action people take after viewing a Facebook Ad. In case your products are sold on websites other than your own, the conversion tracking pixel cannot be added to those sites. This is a disadvantage of using the conversion tracking pixel if you are an e-commerce setup. In case a website has a registration process for a newsletter or something similar, the conversion tracking pixel should be added to the registration confirmation page and not the registration page. This is a common mistake many people tracking the conversions make. In case the conversion tracking code is inserted into the registration page itself, then the code would actually be tracking the number of people visiting the registration page and not the number of people who actually register.

tracking-conversions-facebook-ads-tracking code

The main advantage of having a conversion tracking pixel inserted into the page that needs to be tracked is the optimization of ad and tracking the number of conversions different versions of the advertisements generate. The advertisement can be optimized depending on the site where the pixel needs to be inserted and what needs to be tracked (number of people signing up for a newsletter, number of people buying a product, number of people downloading an e-book, etc).


If you would like to track the conversions from Facebook Ads and optimize your ad, do contact us and we will help you do it.

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