Through the Looking Glass

February 12, 2016

Just a little over a month into the new year, and we couldn’t have been busier! The past year was fulfilling with a range of projects, successfully delivered. As employees of  a creative firm, we often deal with various things – from hectic schedules, to demanding projects, to overnight deliveries, to 5 hour brainstorming sessions to 2 hour binge sessions. The cacophony in an agency can be deafening, but in our opinion,  silence in a creative work space can be a lot more deafening.

Mapplinks is a cauldron boiling over with skills and talents – creative writers, maverick designers, obsessed analysts, and cool coders. Managing a diverse team such as ours is challenging, but fun nevertheless.


One of the many things we attribute our success to is the fact that we respect working with each other as much as we enjoy working with each other. As a team, we have laid a solid foundation of rules to abide by, to encourage every idea and bring out the best in everyone. Here are a few:

  1. There’s no right or wrong. There’s a right way of doing and a wrong way of doing – Processes support consistency. Consistency drives success. Every activity at Mapplinks is backed by a detailed process. A new joinee could train himself or herself just by adhering to and following these processes.
  2. Mistakes are welcome, necessary in fact: We strongly believe that mistakes are proof that some learning has taken place. Nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’ now, do they?
  3. Every idea, however big or small is brought to the table: Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no idea small enough!

Some myths we bust daily at Mapplinks are:

  1. The boss is always right: Not necessarily. We’re open to discussions, and always conduct a thorough analysis of an idea before labelling it.
  2. The best are born best:  We understand that an idea or even a person, doesn’t start off being the best. They evolve from being to good to being the best.
  3. His idea, his success: Nothing is ever attributed to just a single person here. No matter how small the job, we believe somebody else would have definitely played a small role in helping the other in completing it.

At Mapplinks, 3 teams – Design, Marketing, & Tech address the problem together instead of addressing each other about a problem. The difference lies in our approach – together, we solve, individually we squabble. Each of us at Mapplinks come with a powerful sense of individuality and creativity. Here’s a quick intro of some of our team members:

Joy – The Maverick

A Keralite by heart and by soul, he possesses hair that has a life of its own. Design runs in his blood and  his brain is powered by endless mallu songs. A hyper bundle of energy, silencing a puppy is definitely easier.

Midhun – Silence of The Lamb

Quiet as a lamb, he silently pursues his goals at work without a whimper. Mallu-in-crime to Joy, he loves his food in office, thanks to the insipid stuff served at his PG.

Manisha – Mother Hubbard

Is there anything that Manisha doesn’t know? Well, we don’t know. We’ll have to ask her 😉 The ever-patient, the ever-polite, Manisha has her hands in every pie – content writer/account manager/mapplinks safekeeper.

Smita – Ms. Bindass

There’s nothing that can hassle Smita, absolutely nothing. Except maybe the AC that almost freezes her. Fresh off the college boat, her enthusiasm to learn something new eased her transition from sales to account management.

Prateek – Mr. Bindass

Could pass off as Smita’s sibling with his calm demeanour. A front end developer who hates wearing formals, Prateek loves converting two minute discussions to 2 hour  long conversations.

Rakesh – Mercury

As volatile as the silver liquid, Rakesh’s ever-so-practical approach can dumbfound the best of us sometimes. A foodie who refuses to put on any weight, Rakesh, a developer rules the tech team at Mapplinks.

Debarati – The Data Queen

Having crunched numbers all her professional life, Debararti breathes numbers at Mappilnks and takes away our breath with her voice which transcends barriers, glass and wood 😉 Ever enthusiastic, there’s nothing she can’t do!

Rishabh – The Visionary

With myriad personalities ruling every team at Mapplinks, Rishabh, the MD keeps us sane and together with his vision for Mapplinks. His cool head is a knowledge bank, always bursting with ideas and he’s ever ready to share them with his world – Mapplinks :)

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