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ScoreSmart Website Design Showcase

ScoreSmart, an online learning portal which helps students prepare for bank examinations approached us at Mapplinks with a website design project. We worked on creating a clean, minimal, yet effective user interface for the website. We zeroed on a few...
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Creative Contact Page Designs

While the homepage of a website is important to drive viewers to explore the entire website and drive traffic to the internal pages, the contact page is where your website would land you a conversion. A contact page which is…

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Examples of Exemplary Homepage Design

When a person looks at your website, the first impression is created from the homepage. Hence the homepage is the doorway for your business and this determines whether a person clicks on the ‘Back’ button or continues to explore your…

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What are Parallax, Responsive, & One-page designs?

Website design is not just creating a website with different web pages catering to different aspects. It is a lot more than that. Creating a website includes taking into account the different platforms of devices on which the website might…

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