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5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Twitter

So, you have created a Twitter account for your company and you are wondering how to increase engagement with the audience? Well, here are 5 ways in which you can get people talking about your brand and company. Less Text,…

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Getting your Tweets shared

Be it business or personal, the more the tweets get shared, the better Remember the  tweets you made? Remember the reason why you tweeted them? Well, just like the statement: everything happens for a reason, there are reasons behind the…

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5 Mistakes on Twitter You Should Never Make Again

Twitter is not only a place to share personal thoughts, but is also a great place for business. However, ads are annoying and with social media companies pushing ads all the time, people often overlook ads, no matter how relevant…

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Job Hunt Using Social Media

The strategic scrolling through your favorite social media account can save you a lot of trouble in finding a job. Social Network sites can be frivolous, but, they can also help you a lot in your professional life. Digging deep…

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Twitter introduces embedded tweets on Twitter web version

Last month, Twitter mobile apps, both Android and iOS, rolled out the feature to embed tweets within tweets. The feature has finally come to Twitter web. Here’s how it works: Just post a link to a tweet in your tweet…

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world cup 2014 tweets

World Cup 2014 final sets a new Twitter record with 618,725 tweets per minute

Germany wins, and a new record is set on Twitter! The World Cup final set a new Twitter record for tweets per minute for an event: 618,725 TPM (tweets per minute) at 6:37 PM Brazil time when Germany won the…

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mother's day

See how people are celebrating Mother’s Day on social media

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” —Abraham Lincoln Sunday is Mother’s day! And it’s great to see the amazing quotes, photos, and videos being posted across social media platforms celebrating mothers…

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How to get the new Twitter profile

We had shown you a preview on the changes coming to Twitter profiles in our post on the new Twitter profile design. At that point, it had introduced the new profile for a selected set of users. Today, Twitter introduced…

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Social Media Traffic Statistics for Q1 2014

Shareaholic, a social sharing and discovery application, released a report presenting the social media traffic statistics of various social platforms. This was after the user engagement statistics were released by Shareholic, a social sharing application, presented user engagement statistics for traffic coming…

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