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Consumer Relationships & Loyalty in Social Media | Knowledge at #SMWBangalore

About the speaker – Shyam Nair He is the Co-Founder at Route-01, which is a specialized Online Brand Management Consultancy with a client base in Bangalore and Dubai. Before starting his own venture he worked as Director – Planning and Creative…

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Reasons Why People Unfollow Brands

Your business has a presence across most of the popular social media platforms. You have a large number of followers as well, right? People follow your brands on social media primarily because they like your brand. As simple as that!…

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Social Media for Recruiting

How many of you have logged into LinkedIn only to see a few messages from potential recruiters saying they wish to connect with you? Social media is fast catching up as a platform for recruiting apart from continuing to do…

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5 Ways to Get More Social Shares

When creating content for your on-site and off-site publishing, it is important to create in such a way that it appeals to different groups of people. Some of the most popular types of content formats are – Videos Lists How-to…

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Visual Content Marketing Stats for 2015

Most digital marketers will agree with the fact that there are more people interested in visual content than regular text heavy content. Hence, visual content is used more than text-only content. The types of visual content commonly used by digital…

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7 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media

Are you a restaurant owner with a social media presence but not enough footfalls to your restaurant? Or do you handle the social media for your restaurant and looking at ideas to make people shout from rooftops about your restaurant?…

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5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists for Business

Do you follow a large number of people on Twitter and find yourself lost in the sea of tweets posted by your followers? Then, you should be making use of the Lists feature on Twitter. Twitter Lists lets you segregate…

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What are Twitter Cards?

For most marketers, communication is about generating leads. So, when they come on Twitter, they are actually trying to initiate conversations which might get converted to leads. With the Twitter Cards, it becomes easier for marketers to reach out to…

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What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Facebook Reviews

If you manage the Facebook page of your business, then you surely have noticed the 5 star rating system and reviews for Facebook pages that have been implemented. While you might think this is a good way of understanding where…

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