Mapplinks Designed a one-page Website for Money View

September 30, 2015
MoneyView is a personal finance management app for Android users with around 5,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store till date. Having been one of our digital experience clients for a while now, MoneyView approached us to revamp their entire website. They wanted us to make it look attractive, more appealing and eventually generate more downloads of their app.

After numerous brainstorming sessions with the design, marketing, and tech teams, we came up with various options ensuring the design of the website resonated with the MoneyView app’s feel and look.

While coming up with a UI design for the MoneyView website, we ensured it follows the same colour scheme as their app. This helped us further cement the MoneyView brand and ensure the website resonates with the app. Keeping in-line with the latest trends in web design and development, we came up with a one-page design for the website while their blog section opened on a different page.

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Scroll down to view the refreshingly new design of the MoneyView website


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