Akademe’s Brand Identity Design by Mapplinks

August 13, 2015
Creating a brand identity from scratch, for a client, is one of the most challenging yet creatively stimulating projects a digital agency can work on. These were exactly the sentiments we felt when we sat down to ideate over one of our client’s – Akadame’s  brand identity project.

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Akademe is a web portal which aims to bridge the gap between those who wish to learn and those who wish to teach. They approached us with a requirement of creating their brand identity. This meant conceptualising their logo, creating their brand book, and designing their corporate stationery and other marketing collateral.

The idea was to incorporate a symbol/icon along with the name as part of the final logo. This would ensure the name Akademe is seen on every piece of marketing collateral, thereby creating a strong brand identity and inducing strong brand recall for the client.

Once the logo, a combination of typeface and icon, was done with, we moved on to the next phase of the project – designing corporate stationery, brand book, and other marketing collateral. The aim was to create stationery that is elegant yet corporate. The final outcome was a simplistic look which exudes class while maintaining the brand identity of Akademe. We then proceeded to create their brand book – a go-to guide for any design related queries and logo usage.

Have a look at how the logo unfolded below:

Akademe Brand Identity Design

We wish Akademe all the very best for their journey in bridging the gap between learners and the teachers!

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