SEO Methods for 2018 [Infographic]

November 22, 2017

Methods for SEO 2018

Are you ready to 10x your organic website traffic?

Understanding SEO and changes in SEO is crucial to multiplying your traffic.

As per Hubspot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. A lot of ways in which Google decides your search rankings is changing. If you can’t keep up, you will lose the traffic to your competitors.

Remember, the top 3 search positions get most of the clicks from Google search. Staying on top of SEO for 2018 will take a lot of research and experimentation. Not just this, you will need to find alternative and offbeat methods to rank higher as fast as possible.

I’ve done this for you and compiled the top 10 SEO techniques for 2018!

Here’s the complete list:

Method 1: The Growth Marketer’s Keyword Research Method

Keyword research plays an important role in the ranking of your website on search engines. Put on your growth marketing hat and leverage some of this offbeat keyword research method that uses various lesser-known sources of keyword generation.

Method 2: The Content Writer’s Context Method

Your content should be consistent on mobile and desktop, make sure you optimise the mobile site and your readers love the mobile experience of your site.

Method 3: The Web Tester’s Broken-Links Method

Build your own links from scratch or leverage other people’s broken links (OPBLs) to your advantage. Each broken link on the web is an opportunity for you to improve your search rankings.

Method 4: The Copywriter’s CTR Boost Method

Google wants to show users the best result for a keyword. They look at shares, backlinks, on-page tags, etc but they also use your CTR to determine your ranking.

Method 5: The Growth Hacker’s OPSR Method

We’re basically hacking into Other People’s Search Rankings (OPSR). They’ve already spent their time, money, resources and efforts to achieve the rankings and need to LEVERAGE the same. You can also get SEO link juice by placing yourself on these results which will improve your own domain’s long-term rankings too.

Method 6:  The PR Executive’s Link Building Method

Another fast method to rank for your search results. Reach out to everyone who’s linking back to the top results and send them an email.

Method 7: The Designer’s Guest Infographic Method

Create and publish a HQ infographic which would contain the necessary information. The same information or content can be republished and repurposed.

Method 8: The Team Leader’s “RANK 0” Method

Rank 0, also known as a featured snippet. Rank 0 results generally answer questions for a search query term. In addition, typically, they contain a URL and clickable display title but also may contain an image, lists or tables. The fight for Rank 1 to 10 will move to the fight for Rank 0.

Method 9: The Entrepreneur’s Minimum Viable SEO Method

This is the minimum optimised SEO that is required to achieve quality and efficient results in a short span of time. You have to do SEO only 4 times to achieve good SEO.

Method 10: The Visionary’s Future-Proof SEO Method

SEO landscape is constantly changing and improving and hence, it is important to find methods for FUTURE PROOF LINK BUILDING.

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