60 Days at Mapplinks- An Intern’s Diary

July 13, 2016
The fun, bubbly, soft spoken Rishika, was an intern with us for two months as a Graphic Designer. She came all the way from Thekkady to Bangalore to pursue her design education and did a great job while she was here, handling a diverse range of design assignments.

Having completed her internship at Mapplinks, we spent a couple of minutes with her conversing about her experience and learning at Mapplinks as an intern.

Describe your role as a Graphic Designer Intern at Mapplinks.
As a Graphic Designer, I got numerous opportunities to showcase my skillset. I worked on a lot of new things which I didn’t know even existed! It was a roller-coaster experience and I loved it!

Describe your Internship experience and mostly your experience working with the Mapplinks warriors.

Generally, people have a boring experience during internships but right from day 1, I was excited to come to office every day. It was a fun-filled learning experience. The Design Team was really sweet and nice to me and helped with every design aspect.

How has the Internship affected your expertise in this field?

It has definitely helped me improve my skills. I got a chance to learn a variety of things, and with ample practice, my skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

What’s the best thing about working with us?

Mapplinks was like a family away from home.


Share with us a good memory that you have had with the friends you have made here.

Every single day spent at Mapplinks is a memory. Working with each of my colleagues was fun. Apart from work, I loved quarreling with everyone over the bean bag, irritating the senior designers and playing with the bubble maker 😉

What do you love the most here at Mapplinks?

I loved every thing about Mapplinks. But mostly the fact that, I never got a repetitive task. Every day was a new experience and a new challenge. Also, Joy and Rishabh were always there to encourage me for anything new that I worked on.

Give a funny name to everyone:

JOY- Mr. Aunty
MIDHUN- Mr. Cry Baby
PRATEEK- Mr. Evil Iron Man
BHRIGU- Mr. Daadhi Wala Monster
DEBARATI- Ms. Cute Little Froggy
SMITA- Ms. Sweet Kitty
RISHABH- Mr. Evil Cat


Who would you want to be reborn as, here at Mapplinks?

JOY: Because he is THE ULTIMATE JOY CHETTA. Just like his name, he is ever JOYful; loves being himself; handles every situation peacefully; and of course is THE ULTIMATE DESIGN GURU!

Wackiest thing you did here at Mapplinks.

It was on the day of my birthday. I punched Rishabh the hardest, in spite of him being the boss 😛 Just loved it!

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