Consumer Relationships & Loyalty in Social Media | Knowledge at #SMWBangalore

March 18, 2015

About the speaker – Shyam Nair

He is the Co-Founder at Route-01, which is a specialized Online Brand Management Consultancy with a client base in Bangalore and Dubai. Before starting his own venture he worked as Director – Planning and Creative Strategy (Consulting) at Spry Social Media.

I chose to attend this session because of the criticality and the difficulty involved in the topic i.e. “Consumer Relationships & Loyalty in Social Media” especially in the current world which is filled with bargain hunters and cut throat competition.

Here are few key takeaways from the session,

  • Understand the buyer.
  • Concentrate on what buyer wants not on what the brand wants to sell.
  • Before tapping the market with big bang marketing, ask…”why your brand exists?”
  • Build loyalty to your proposition than to your brand.
  • Try to humanize the brand.
  • 7Ps of social media marketing: Positioning, Performances, Proximity, Price, Presence, Perception & Promotion.
  • Loyalty + Communication = Engagement

This session included very useful insights from his own experiences. These reminded me of my MBA days when I used to read case studies about big brands. This was my best session in this year’s #SMWBangalore. Thanks Shyam Nair for the enlightening session.

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