A Month at Mapplinks: An Intern’s Account

November 09, 2015

Smart, witty, and talented, Aditya Vikram Godawat is who most organizations would refer to as the ideal intern! Having come all the way from Udaipur to Bangalore to pursue Engineering, Aditya chose to be an Android developer, owing to the potential of growth in this field and his love for new technology. A hardcore football fan, Aditya follows the motto “Football, Food, & Code” to the tee!

Having completed his internship at Mapplinks, we spent a couple of minutes with him conversing about his experience and learnings at Mapplinks as an intern:


Describe your role as an Android Developer at Mapplinks.

As an Android Developer in Mapplinks, my job was to create a portfolio for the company about Mobile Application Development. I initially worked on modifying the existing apps and creating some new ones based on the feedback.

What was the first project you began working on? What were your learnings from it?

I started working on the Margin Markup Calculator App. My task was to improve its design as well as functionality and publish it on the App store. Working on this project was my initiation to the IT industry; I got to learn so much about project workflow, development practices, deadlines (and how to reach them falling and tumbling!) and documentation. Apart from the IT practices, I also got insights into Design and Content Management which I think wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else but here in Mapplinks.

How did the team/team work at Mapplinks affect your internship experience?

The Dev Team at Mapplinks is an immensely talented one. Just sitting there amongst them was a great learning experience. I got to learn a lot about Web Development, SDLC and Client Interaction. Everyone was very helpful and maintained a very casual yet disciplined environment which helped me learn and do my job with ease.

Has the internship affected your expertise in this field? If yes, how?

Immensely. As freshers, all the knowledge and talent we have is limited to theoretical aspects and we are completely unaware of what the industry wants from us. In that way, internships help you a lot by giving you a peek into how the industry actually functions and what is expected from us. The first day at your first job ever can make one very nervous, but at Mapplinks I was inducted in the most helpful way by everybody here. This helped me calm my nerves and understand processes better.

What’s the best thing about working for a digital agency like ours?

For me it’d be the versatility of the work you get as you’re never stuck or bored of doing the same kind of work. Every client has different needs, different expectations and hence the work you do differs for almost all the projects. Plus, you are not just limited to coding, but you get an opportunity to work simultaneously with the Design, Marketing and Content teams which is a very refreshing and enriching learning experience.

What did you hope to learn from this internship? Did you manage to achieve this?

I wanted to know how the IT industry functions and what it means to work as a professional. Post the internship, I can confidently say that it was a positive experience and I have a lot to take away from it.

Share with us a good memory that you have had with the friends you have made here

The friends I have made here are those whom I will never forget. They have helped me get used to the work life and have never let me feel the work pressure. They make sure we have fun while we are getting things done. Be it Counter Strike battles, or finding new places everyday for lunch or grabbing a cold one when work gets hectic, celebrating birthdays, festivals, and fun days; these are the moments which makes me enjoy working at Mapplinks!

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Key takeaways from the internship

It would be learning to work as team, as professionals. Work’s no fun when there is no team and that’s the one thing I can vouch for at Mapplinks – a great team that delivers good work. The experience and fun I had during these 3 months are things I wouldn’t have been able to experience if not for the team.

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While Aditya enjoyed his internship at Mapplinks, we enjoyed having him too! Aditya was offered a full-time position as Junior Android Developer, which he has accepted. Here are some of the apps he has helped develop for Mapplinks since his time here as a full time employee:

  1. Margin Markup Calculator
  2. Attendance Calculator
  3. Recurring Deposit Calculator
  4. Resistance Code Calculator


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