Mapplinks featured on Hootsuite

December 29, 2015


As a Digital Agency, we employ a host of tools that help us effectively manage our daily tasks for clients as well as for ourselves. Social media is a core component of our digital marketing activities and one of the tools we employ to handle, allocate, manage, and oversee social media tasks is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite, a Vancouver based company, is an incredibly amazing tool that simplifies social media management. It has over 10 million users in more than 175 countries. The tool is now synonymous with social media and there are millions that swear by its efficiency.

As an agency that offers various social media services across multiple platforms, we use Hootsuite extensively to manage and implement our daily tasks. Imagine our delight when Hootsuite approached us to feature us on their blog!

Hootsuite has helped us immensely in increasing productivity, efficiency and in improving time allocation and management between accounts. Campaign implementation, outreach, and monitoring have  witnessed  significant improvement, thanks to the tool.

Hootsuite offered to feature one such campaign of ours, which went onto create a world record – The Women’s day Hackathon for HackerEarth.

We were approached by HackerEarth, a platform to recognise programmers from all over the world, to promote a 3 day coding challenge – the International Women’s Day Hackathon, conducted on the occasion of Women’s Day.

HackerEarth signed on with us and tasked us with conceptualising and executing the social media campaign strategy for the event. We had three goals:

  1. Build awareness around the women’s global hackathon event
  2. Increase awareness about the gender gap in technology
  3. Increase registrations

We launched a social media campaign across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also assigned four digital specialists to manage the campaign—a digital analyst, a digital strategist, a graphic designer, and a content manager. We used our team’s diverse skillset to create an integrated campaign.

Read more on the campaign here and have a look at our feature on Hootsuite!

We consider it a privilege and an honor to be chosen and recognized by an international platform such as Hootsuite and look forward to achieving more such milestones.

Do share your views on our feature in the comments below. To more such!


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