What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages and How to Create One?

June 10, 2015

Are you a business who has multiple products and services to offer to people? Is your LinkedIn Company Page getting crowded with the number of posts you put up promoting your products and services? Then, LinkedIn Showcase Pages are just the right way for you to project your products and services to the world out there! Earlier companies used to post updates only on the Company Pages since there was no other option. This led to lot of crowding of content on a single page. Also, it was tough to address the growing needs of companies with multiple sub-brands, products, and services which had to be promoted.

Now, Showcase Pages make it easier for you to segregate content based on your products/services and target audience. Read on to know what LinkedIn Showcase Pages are and how you can create one for your company.

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What are Showcase Pages?

These Showcase Pages are extensions of the Company Pages which let companies target specific audience groups through each Showcase Page. If you are a company with five new products, then Showcase Pages serve as a great option for you to target product/service specific audience groups with content tailor-made for each Page. When you are creating and curating content for each Showcase Page, remember relevance is the key.

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Reasons You Need a Showcase Page

  • Showcase Pages are great to promote your products/services to specific audience groups. Each Showcase Page can have product/service specific content targeted at the specific audience.
  • Every company can have 10 Showcase Pages at a time. This gives you ample space to showcase different aspects of your business to different audience groups.
  • You can create campaign specific Showcase Pages which helps you reach out to people in a focused manner for the duration of the campaign.

How companies are using Showcase Pages –

Here are screenshots of Showcase Pages of a few companies who actively use it to post relevant updates.


One of the Showcase Pages under the Hewlett-Packard Company Page. This is related to HP Enterprise Services.



Here is one of the many Showcase Pages of Microsoft. They have other Showcase Pages related to their many products and services.



Not just product businesses, even service based organizations can leverage Showcase Pages to their benefit. This is Ogilvy & Mather Advertising’s Showcase Page for their social experts team.




Here are the steps to create a Showcase Page –

1. Identify services/areas of your business which would do well with a Showcase Page

2. Under the Company Page tab, click on the Edit button. Under the drop down menu, click on ‘Create a Showcase Page’




3. Create the content for the Showcase Page. Review the content you have created for the Showcase Page. Once you’re satisfied with the content, hit the Publish button and your showcase page is ready!


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