Instagram Stories—Photo Blogging for Candid Unadulterated Engagement

August 04, 2016


In a bid to capture more out of users’ personal photos and videos, Instagram took a bold decision to expand its feature by introducing Instagram Stories—a photo blogging platform. Making news due to its innovative but uncanny semblance to Snapchat, this new move has excited social media marketers within hours of its launch. If you are still wondering what it means to you as a user and as a marketer, read on.

Campaign using grid photos- Create a storyline for the day

Stories will roll out targeting users who love posting their daily routine online through images, videos, and GIFs. In a serious diversification from Facebook Live, Instagram Stories is a cool and more exciting version rolled out to engage the audience.

Shorter but real-time campaigns for better engagement


As you share more photographs and videos on Instagram Stories, they automatically arrange themselves in slideshow format. Easy on the eyes, the user no longer has to worry about the pitfalls of over-posting and reckless engagement.

Enliven the campaign with real-time photos and video sharing features that appear as feeds and stories. From marketing POV, you have a better chance of engaging the audience who love daily postings and updates from you.

Easy to follow and track stories


Despite its one-day shelf life, users can easily track each story. Thanks to colorful rings and dots flashing on top of the feeds, you will get prompt alerts on what’s new and what’s not.

The UI/UX is much easier to browse through compared to Snapchat. This is a big advantage we found of Instagram Stories vs Snapchat thinking about the end user.

For marketers, this means more eyeballs with such enticing graphic-friendly alert on feeds.

Bunch of photos that mysteriously disappear from Stories

Abracadabra! And, your Stories vanish.

If you love adding photos on social media, but don’t want the audience to see it beyond a day or after the event fades away, Instagram Stories is a cool feature to work with. Before deleting, the feature generates an alert so that user can time the activity for future reference.

Backup your story with unflinching privacy

Instagram goes one step ahead in ensuring that you can enjoy your story longer. If you don’t want your Stories photos to vanish, just download it to phone or to your cloud. Get “100% ownership” over their images and the exclusive right to share them among followers. However, the Save Photo option is not available.

Likes and creeps—Keep a check on your followers

Stories analytics backed with exciting graphics appear inside the Instagram Direct mailbox. But hey! There are no Likes—so no judgement either.

With one swipe on your feeds, you can see the list of people who viewed your story. Only those approved by you can see the story turning your official account into a private image sharing platform. However, it still does not give you an alert if someone screenshots your story pic!

Happy with your Story? Share it on regular Instagram feeds


If you are happy with the feedback on your Stories, hop a step forward and share it onto your regular Instagram feeds. It will give you the yardstick to promote best Stories by tapping on the Share button.

The traction for future

In the past, Instagram’s Poke, Slingshot and Bolt, all disapprovingly failed to grab attention and traction. However, Stories has all the features to boost sharing and control the promotional value of each campaign on a real-time basis. Do expect a few more filters, stickers and of course lenses to give users the edge on clicking instant pics with shareable content quality.

With over 500 million Instagram users currently, it would be worth checking out how many users actually take to Stories and give it a candid shot at their online stardom. Of course, it is rivaling Snapchat on this, but with more users globally, Instagram Stories should rake up higher numbers.

Here’s the first Instagram story we made at Mapplinks, check it out on Facebook and Instagram!

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