Google Might Index Tweets in Real Time

March 02, 2015


Google has decided to change how tweets are indexed on the search engine, hinting at introducing real-time indexing of tweets. Coming to how Google plans to index tweets and how the tweets to be indexed are chosen, is not very clear at this point. Reportedly, tweets of those Twitter profiles with an above average number of followers are more likely to be indexed by Google. Also, apart from this parameter, there are other criteria which might be taken into consideration for Google to choose certain tweets to be indexed while not indexing the others. If a particular tweet attracts more engagement than others, there is a high possibility that this particular tweet can be indexed by Google.

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[Tweet “A tweet with lot of engagement is more likely to be indexed by Google.”]

With this plan of real-time indexing of tweets by Google, it is going to impact your SEO.

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