Why Going Green is Good for Your Mind and Your Business

June 05, 2015


Today is the day when people world over make pro-environment resolutions, for June 5 is World Environment Day. While many aspire to stick to their resolutions and contribute their bit toward making a positive impact on the environment, not many manage to make it a long-term resolution. Hence, this post is some food for thought on why, from a long-term perspective, going green is good for your business and ultimately good for your mind.


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Environmental Friendly. Business Wise.

One of the most impactful reasons for you to make your business green is you save a lot of money. Imagine the amount of relief saved up money brings to you, as a business owner. This means you can utilise the money for other more purposeful activities such as team building activities. This will positively impact your mind and soothe the frayed nerves of your team.

On the same note, if you decide to go paperless at work in a bid to going green, you not only save on lots of money and resources, but also cut down on a lot of waste. If you took a glance at the dustbin in your office, you will realise most of the waste is shredded paper, pages torn from notebooks, and a whole lot of waste you could have cut down if you went paperless. This would also include ink cartridges, used pens and other such office stationery. This way even your employees are relieved because they will have to deal with less paper on their table, helping them be more organised.


A Sustainable Approach to A Green Business

Many green solutions exist for the workplace which will help your business stand out from the rest. Not many businesses take on this initiative because of the relatively high initial investment required. What most businesses do not realise is this initial investment will pay off over the years through the amount you save on water bills, electricity bills and many others. Simple solutions like rainwater harvesting and using solar energy will help you reap long-term benefits as well as help you stand out from other businesses. Imagine the state of your mind when you are able to save so much electricity and water. Peaceful isn’t it?

A sustainable green business that saves money = a happy business owner with a lot of savings. A happy business owner with money will be convinced about his employees’ welfare and will take this opportunity to offer perks and benefits to his hardworking employees. The employees in turn are content about being looked after well. Their performance improves. Productivity and efficiency will rise. Overall, the business thrives!

We hope this convinces you to take the first step towards a greener tomorrow! If you wish to share your thoughts to this post, feel free to comment below! Additionally, if you liked this post as much as we liked writing it, then by all means share this among your circle!
Check this out to see how we went green at Mapplinks this World Environment Day.

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