LoveCycles Launch – My First Live Tweeting Event

March 09, 2016
Lovecycles-live tweeting

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LIVE TWEETING!New to this word? Yes, even I was. I had never done this before and did not know how it actually worked! The only thing worrying me was how quick I needed to be since it said ‘Live’. Was I supposed to be as fast as a machine or was I supposed to maintain a decent pace?

The Event

8th March 2016, was when I participated and conducted my first live tweeting activity at the LoveCycles Launch Event, which was organized by Prime Venture Partners, a seed stage funding company (also, one of our clients), to announce their investment in the app to the media. LoveCycles, founded by John Paul in the year 2011, is a women’s health app which helps them track their monthly menstrual cycles. There couldn’t have been a better day to launch the app as it was International Women’s Day and the app is all about women’s health. It was a great initiative taken by LoveCycles and Prime Venture Partners to announce the funding on this day. The event was held at The Oberoi, Bangalore. The news came across as a surprise to the audience, who had no idea about it till the announcement was made. The two main speakers of the event were John Paul and Amit Somani, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners, who successfully managed to capture the audience’s attention. lovecycles-live tweeting


A plan for the live tweeting session was created a day prior to the event. For this, I had to document my research on the features of the app, its founders, the idea behind it, Twitter handles of all the guests who would be present at the event and most importantly – look out for relevant hashtags to accompany the tweets. This research and planning really helped me on the day of the event as all the key information was easily available and accessible.

At the Event

My colleague Debarati and I reached the venue at 11 AM sharp. The event started off with John Paul giving an introductory speech about the app and the idea behind it. This was followed by Amit Somani, who expressed his views on the product and why they funded the app. The session lasted for about 30 minutes during which we sent out 20+ tweets. It required us to be attentive and on our toes in order to absorb everything that was being said, pick out highlights, paraphrase them into 140 characters, use relevant hashtags, and tweet within 30 seconds! We had to be really quick so we didn’t miss out on any important details.

Some of the Tweets from the Event



My Experience

Overall, it was a great first step towards learning something new, exciting, and challenging. I was very happy with the way my colleague Debarati and I prepared ourselves and with the way we coordinated with each other, making my tweeting experience a great one. It always feels good when you attempt something new for the first time and succeed with flying colors. SEE ALSO Prime Venture Partners Website Redesign

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