Now target Facebook mobile app ads to specific phone and tablet models

July 24, 2014

Facebook is now introducing the ability to target ads to specific smartphones and tabs. Advertisers / developers can now specify the mobile OS as well as the specific devices for targeting. This feature is extremely helpful when developers release an app update specifically for a particular set of devices.

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For example, If you’re advertising your mobile app – You can now target your ads only to people using iPad Air with minimum iOS7 or to people using Google Nexus 10 with minimum OS version 3.0. Not just that, you can also target people using iPad 2 with minimum iOS 6 who are on Wi-Fi.

“In order to get high quality installs or engagement within an app, it is very important to reach the right people with the most relevant message. As a result, we are enhancing our mobile targeting for developers. Available in the next few days, you will be able to reach people using specific mobile devices, such as a Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5s, or an HTC One.” says Facebook on their developer blog.

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Here are some more tips to optimize your mobile app ads:

  • Couple device-level targeting along with custom audience to get better results
  • Don’t go extremely narrow for your audience
  • Make your ad resonate with your audience target through device-specific content
  • Create separate ads with optimized bids for each device or groups

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