10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

August 10, 2016

Social Media Marketing has quite an uncanny case. It is one of the most used and abused terms at the same time. Much like Growth Hacking today, a few years ago, there was no clear consensus on what exactly comprises of Social Media Marketing. Inadvertently or otherwise, this logical ambiguity led to a lot of experts selling snake-oil in the name of Social Media Marketing. Well, those were darker times. Today is different. There is a convergence of ideas which has led to a consensus on the definition of Social Media Marketing. Companies and better equipped and informed than before. This is exactly why under no circumstances we can afford to make the mistakes which were excusable a couple of years ago.

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But time and again we have seen companies pursuing broken social media strategies. You may have built a slick and neat app. You may have allocated a Social Media Budget which might put the GDP of Equatorial Guinea to shame. You may have hired the best talent in town. But why is your Social Media strategy failing in frequencies exponentially more than Arsenal’s chances in the Premier League? The Small Mistakes. More often than not, it’s the horseshoe nail because of which the battle is lost. So, let’s have a look at the 10 commandments of social media marketing.


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