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Web pages to load faster with HTTP/2

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a long time for web pages to load. Soon, web pages will load faster than before. This is thanks to the development in technology leading to upgradation from protocol HTTP1.1…

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What does API Integration mean?

API is an abbreviation for Application-Programming Interface. It includes various elements – tools, sets, routines, and protocols which help build software applications. In short, they are a set of instructions which help software developers access web based tools. There is…

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Differences between Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two basic types of websites – dynamic and static. The back end work that goes into creating these websites differ in the cases of both static and dynamic websites. The main differentiating factor between a static and a…

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Creative Contact Page Designs

While the homepage of a website is important to drive viewers to explore the entire website and drive traffic to the internal pages, the contact page is where your website would land you a conversion. A contact page which is…

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Examples of Exemplary Homepage Design

When a person looks at your website, the first impression is created from the homepage. Hence the homepage is the doorway for your business and this determines whether a person clicks on the ‘Back’ button or continues to explore your…

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What are Parallax, Responsive, & One-page designs?

Website design is not just creating a website with different web pages catering to different aspects. It is a lot more than that. Creating a website includes taking into account the different platforms of devices on which the website might…

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Apple launches “Health” App with the HealthKit

Apple launches its “Health” app and are ready to hit the lifestyle sector as well. Apple has been a prime symbol of style and sleekness and now they are getting fitness conscious. At the annual developers’ conference held in San…

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WordPress 3.9 to release on April 16

WordPress released version 3.9 beta 3 today, saying that it would be probably the last beta release and the official 3.9 release date has been set to April 16 as mentioned on WordPress’ blog. “WordPress 3.9 Let’s make the date…

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