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What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Facebook Reviews

If you manage the Facebook page of your business, then you surely have noticed the 5 star rating system and reviews for Facebook pages that have been implemented. While you might think this is a good way of understanding where…

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How to use Google+ hashtags for more exposure

Signed up for Google+ to promote your business and wondering if using Google+ hashtags will be as effective as Twitter? Then, read on to understand how you can use Google+ hashtags to get more exposure. While other social networking sites…

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Facebook introduces Safety Check

In the past, were you ever stuck amid floods, or an earthquake with family back home wondering how to contact you or how to find out if you are safe? Well, gone are those days for Facebook has recently come…

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Essential Components of a Social Media Strategy

Building a robust social media strategy is an important aspect in today’s world where businesses rely on social media for most of their marketing and promotion activities. It is essential to spend some time and effort in devising customized social…

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Top 5 Facebook Celebrities from India

Facebook is a great way for celebrities to interact with their fans and keep them in the loop about their latest updates.  We had a look at the top 5 Facebook celebrities from India and this is what we found….

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10 Mistakes Brands should avoid on Facebook

Facebook is being extensively used by brands and businesses these days as a tool for marketing. These brands and businesses, in the process of interacting with fans and communicating about their brands, commit mistakes which could prove harmful. Here are…

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Twitter tests the Buy button!

Twitter, in the latest phase of building more functionality has come up with a test phase of the ‘Buy’ button which will, at present let a small percentage of US users buy products on Twitter. The number of users who…

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How to track conversions from Facebook Ads

There are many people out there who rely on Facebook Ads for their advertising and marketing needs but are quite in the dark about how the whole system works. They end up using the tool but remain clueless with respect…

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Effect of Facebook Cover Photos on Brand Promotions

Facebook cover photos play an important role in promoting brands. Businesses which create a Facebook page use the Facebook cover photos extensively to promote their brands and the products. These Facebook cover photos are open to Public by default. So,…

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