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[EBOOK] Why You Need Social Media for Your Business

Often, businesses with no social media presence wonder if the presence on various social media platforms really makes a difference to their business. This is an answer best answered with detailed information on what you, as a business, can achieve…

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7 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media

Are you a restaurant owner with a social media presence but not enough footfalls to your restaurant? Or do you handle the social media for your restaurant and looking at ideas to make people shout from rooftops about your restaurant?…

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5 Ways Social Media Listening helps in Product Development

Social listening, or more appropriately, social media listening is a technique often employed by brands and businesses to understand the conversations surrounding them, that take place on social media and the internet. Social media monitoring is basically the process of…

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Twitter Trends in India 2014

With more than 33 million Twitter users in India, it is the 3rd most followed social media platform in India after Facebook and Google+. Indians have shifted their focus towards Twitter to mark victory, show anger, congratulate people on their…

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5 Ways E-commerce Businesses Can Use Pinterest

Are you an e-commerce business wondering about the possibility of using the Pinterest for Business account to drive up your sales as well as better promote your products? Pinterest is increasingly being utilized by e-commerce businesses to promote their businesses…

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5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists for Business

Do you follow a large number of people on Twitter and find yourself lost in the sea of tweets posted by your followers? Then, you should be making use of the Lists feature on Twitter. Twitter Lists lets you segregate…

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How to Plan and Run Contests on Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a social networking platform. Added to this, businesses are using Instagram to promote their brand either through contests or through posts which will engage their audience. In order to conduct a contest with a good…

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What are Twitter Cards?

For most marketers, communication is about generating leads. So, when they come on Twitter, they are actually trying to initiate conversations which might get converted to leads. With the Twitter Cards, it becomes easier for marketers to reach out to…

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How to Use Interest Lists on Facebook

Have you always wondered how you can use the Interest Lists feature of Facebook to be updated about news from your influencers? Have you scratched your head thinking of the actual use of Interest Lists on Facebook? Then, go no…

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