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20 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Brand Book Right Now

Have you been amazed at times on how different some brands look when they are viewed on different platforms. The writing style is different, the color usage is different. Do you know the reason behind it? Cause there is no...
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5 Elements for a Successful Logo

A logo is the most important element in the letterhead or a business card, in terms of design. It is an integral part of all the marketing collateral of your business, such as stationery, signage and other such material. The…

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Influence of Product Packaging on Buying Decisions

You enter a store to buy yourself a can of juice. What’s running through your mind while you decide whether to go for Brand A or Brand B? Brand? Logo? Price? Or other factors? This might seem like such a…

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Different Brand Categories

In normal conversations, brands are often perceived as a single entity. In reality, that is not the case. There are different ways brands can be categorized. Understanding what goes into categorizing a brand helps you categorize and position your brand…

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Elements of Branding for Startups in 2015

2015 has begun and it is time you got your startup’s branding strategy in place. Branding plays an extremely crucial role in setting apart your business from others in your industry, more so, if you are a startup. When establishing…

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20 Brands who Changed their Logos in 2014

WWE The new logo links past to present. The new logo, reflects the evolution of WWE’s global brand. DeviantArt The new logo of DeviantArt is a reflection of their desire to upturn the world as well as an evolution of…

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